written January 13, 2018
(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com and the characters are fictional)

[Langley, 10am, a cool brisk morning on Saturday December 23rd 2017]

[It was standing room only as close to 100 people, packed the situation room.
The crowd included top military brass, and some blond guy, who everybody called the kid.
Their eyes were focused on the big screen, as a beatup white van, seemed to careen out of control,
down an embankment, as the crowd oued and ahhed. Eventually the van was stopped by a giant tree,
and the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. People were high fiving, slapping eachother on the back,
and uncorking bottles of champaigne, as the driver of the van stared blankly into the vehicle.]

Billy hi fives general Samson, shouting
'that's a rap!' The man is in the cacoon, our job is done!'
Boss 'coocoon?'
Joey 'dead meat on the streets'

Buzz just in from a tour in Iraq, unprivy to the situation
joins in, or rather buts in'

Billy! Billy! there was no driver?
Joey 'All remote control dude, after he got out'
'don't ask for details'
Buzz 'Yes Sir!'

[ suddenly silence gripped the room, as the Vans door popped open
and the driver gets in and drives away,
Everybodys jaw dropped all at once, with some whispering four letter words.]

Billy 'No way dude!' we had im! we had im!
General Samson 'Dont get yor shorts cot in a ringer, Billy!
Let's get the assessment
Billy 'The dude got in and drove off! Freakin me!
General Hi Tower bolts in with two MP's shouting at the top of his lungs
'Who the freak screwed up! Commander! In my office now!

[30 minutes later, Room 1227 the grilling begins.]

General Hi Tower 'The van is suppose to be in the lake!
with all his stuff! the research notes, the reports, the Diarys,
the laptop, the scanner, his cell, his thumb tings, whacha call it!
Billy 'tumb drive, thumb, thumb drive'
General Hi Tower leans forward for effect, and whispers loudly
'Why did this not happen?
Shortie 'Law of chance sir!

Immediately the room erupted in laffter
General Hi Tower 'SHUT UP!

30 minutes later in corridor 10

Buzz saw 'between you an me, we're you guyz trying to kill DT?
Joey 'Dude, his own Van knocked im flat on the ground
he was almost decapitated on the spot
It was a scene out of Indiana Jones
DT ducks at the last second, as the force of the van, swings the door shut
He missed being run over by inches

Boss 'wha was DT in duh way fo?
Joey 'He was trying to save his van
After it took off on im,
He was there dude, all he had to do was hop in
Billy 'It was split second thinking,
thats why we train,
had DT trained for this, he woulda got in and stopped the van

Joey 'Dude woulda bin on the streets, in the freezing cold
It was cold out there
Billy 'that is ruthless, DT ain dat kinda target
He's just a history archeologist
Boss 'Ha ha ha ha! no such pofession
Joey 'The people upstairs wanna shut him up
that's why the shop has im tied up
living from paycheck to paycheck
He saves too much money, and they have im fired immediately

Boss 'Heee heee, plus he ain gonna ged a new van
Billy 'why not
Boss 'wha kinna stupit queston eese dat?
Billy 'what he's gettin at,
is DT has no vehicle to deliver reports,
since the shop is always screwing up his van, costing DT his savings

Boss 'Heee heee, DT on a merry go roun'
Boss 'wha abou a rennal car
Billy 'would you rent to a homeless guy, who has no credit to speak of
Boss 'wha about emails? an an Snapchat
Billy 'DT's under communications quarantine, to ensure secrecy
He can't call up his dog without the shop knowing about it
Boss 'Ha ha ha ha! dogs don talk
Billy 'It's just a simily to convey a meanin

Buzz Saw 'So the anser is yes?
Boss 'Jou talk too mutch dude
Joey 'The shop musta known DT would try to save the van,
since that was his home

Billy 'and get this,
DT almost died on the 20th anniversary of his mothers death
Buzz saw 'that's way too coincidental'
Billy 'plus the number 20 occurs allot in DT's reserch'
For example on 2-20-1981 AA341 buzzed the North Tower,
then 20 years later, the North Tower gets it, during 9-11.
Joey 'Plus MR T supervised construction of the WTC,
and T is the 20th letter.
Billy 'lets go get some taco's

Later at Taco King

Shortie 'We did JFK?
Buzz saw 'Just following orders, or so dey say
Billy 'The Shadow people did it, ordered it
Big Bob 'Why guyz?
Billy 'ask the man, DT's the man'
DT say somebody was real T'd after Lincoln was shot,
a long time in our recent past,
especially after Grant opted out at the last sec
"sorry guyz, I ain goin to the theater, with the prez"
Buzz 'That shoulda bin a red flag rite dere

Big bob 'Lincoln is rite up there with the greats
Billy 'The shadow people propted up his image,
and retaliated
Its all there, JFK's wife pregnant with their 3rd,
on the 98th anniversary of the Lincoln hit,
she returns from a trip on Fatima day, who predicted an assassination
the same year JFK is born
Fatima day was a month before the JFK assassination

Both presidents had a VP named Johnson,
Lincoln is shot during the 3rd act
3 shots rang out in Dallas, 3 hobo's are suspected,
JFK had 3 terms in the house, was prez for 3 years,
the list goes on and on.
His limo was code named 100x, which stands for retaliation a century later

Big bob 'Why guyz? Why Lincoln?
Billy 'The assassin shouts "death to tyrants"
According to history, the casualties were massive,
on Lincoln's re election year.
Boss 'HUH?
Billy 'Civil war casualties, were massive on both sides,
compared to the casualties the prior 3 years.

Meanwhile in Room 1227, the techs replay the video for the 20th time

Danny boy 'It just struck me, it went into reverse?'
General Samson 'Duh yeahah'
Skid 'Its symbolic,
The Shop always leaves a symbolic marker, when they retaliate
Right after DT bot the Van, back in the day, like 10 years ago
The shop tried to take it away 3 months later
by nullifying the reverse mechanism, sidelining the Van for half a year

Danny Boy 'Why so long?
Skid 'No money, DT went homeless the year before.
So it took im 6 months to save up, to buy a new tranny
LT Sky water 'Dammm, that is ruthless dude
The dudes all broke, and they take out the van
Skid 'A typical story the last 10 years
swoosh, swoosh, almost got it, swoosh

Danny Boy 'Why? whats the big deal?
Skid 'Its his home'
10 years later it looks like a retired demolition derby vehicle

General Samson 'So 10 years ago its the reverse mechanism,
and last month its a runaway van going in reverse
Skid 'Reverse symbolism is big in DT's 9-11 reserch,
All 4 flites reversed course,
General Lee's name is reversed in the name of the WTC designer
9-11 is the reverse of Lee's birthday 1-19
Lee's first civil war campaign was on 9-11
The list goes on and on