The Latest BLOGS for 2020

6.19 SS goze tyrannical. Won't let me use my new laptop to publish, then intercepts my call to customer support.
6.19 SS sabotages my laptop car charger (only 3 months old).
6.18 SS stages a HIT after KD (karate dance), with a biker, while on c19 summaries.
6.13 SS stages a ganger hit in the toilets, as I continue c19 reserch.
6.6.20 The SS wiped memory for 5 hours lass nite, after reserchin details for C19 theory all week.
This was after they came at me with 3 HITS 2 dayz ago. One hit stood in front of van, staring me down and taunting me for several minutes. The SS also wiped my memory for 5 hours, 3 dayz ago. Dis is unprecedented.
5.1 I analyze my write ups on Trump, so the SS dumps urine on my clothes (uzing MKU), then booby traps my run path, as if to stop the run with a sprain or worse.
The SS issued a loud mocking laff, a minute before.
like Ha HA HA Ha !!! crunch. (They're psychotic)
5.4.20 SS haz me under the BUB, to wipe memory, so I can't remema the details of my write ups.
5.6 the SS uzes the media to trettin "yor turn will come', as if referring to the newz Fascist comments on C19, from the official from Antioch.
5.8 The SS attacks my van (as if to strand againe), after I ask a question, on the web site. "so where's the SARS 1 vaccine?". SARS 1 hit 17 years ago (plenty of time for a vaccine).
5.11 the BUB continues, for a week now
5.14 the SS trettins thru the media againe, "somebodys gonna shoot im one day" "thats what they do to courageous people".
5.20 I do a rite up "how the bully allowed the invasion", and the SS strikes with terror (a likely HIT), wake me up in the ded of nite.
Then the SS uses that as the excuse to take my brain out, to stop my ritin.
5.22 The SS blocking website updates thru my nue laptop.
5.23 SS stages a ganger hit (while exhausted from KD.
5.24 I reserch MERS and the mutants, and the SS seems to stage a BIO HIT.
5.26 SS mangles my eyewear (uzing MKU), then trys to take out my van, uzing staged accident attempts.
5.27 SS trys to kill me using laser tech, againe.
5.27 SS stages another ganger hit, as if to take advantage of any weakness. from the laser hit.

4.1 SS cripples me in front of jewish witnesses, uzing MKU (yanks both legs apart).
Then repeat twice more.
4.3 The SS is shoving laxatives down my throat, lass few nites. One morning I emptied my bowels in 3 seconds flat. Maybe it was two.
One time the SS emptied the toilet paper before I got there.
4.13 The SS tried to kill me during a meal (forced an involuntary swallo) (they have me rigged).
13 is symbolic of the AR (American Revolution).
I read the newz and take notes
(world leaders were alerted, but were slo to respond)
so the SS tortures me (included severe sleep deprivation).
The SS then checked me out for 4 hours that nite.
13 is symbolic of the AR (American Revolution).
4.14 Research reveals that 52 is symbolic of Omega (the last).
I read the newz and take notes
(world leaders were alerted, but were slo to respond)
so the SS tortures me (included severe sleep deprivation).
4.19 SS stages a HIT on another day symbolic of AR. (the AR began on 4.19) (coincidentally C19's worse month was the 4th). The hit agressively rapped on my window, yelling, as if to incite me into doin somtin stupid.
coincidentally the SS took out my new Cell phone.
4.21 The SS tries to kill me on the queens birthday, uzing lazer warfare (during the KD karate dance).
4.21 I read more newz and the SS stages a Hit.
4.25 SS deth tret uzing the media "when I draw my dying breath" as if symbolic of C19.
4.27 SS stages a Hit symbolic of the AR (some guy pulls out a musket). 27 is symbolic of GB.
4.28 the ss is attracting the cops so they punch 40 needle marks on my arm.
4.29 more SS torture 4.30 I show intent to publish, and the SS has me runnin to the toilets againe, and pulls out the gangers trying to terrorize, stalking me with SS tactics.
5.4 It's back to the BUB, the SS is attacking the brain againe, chemically targetting the memory centers.

1.7.2020 The SS tried to kill me, by shoving food down my throat (using MKU)
before an intense workout.
The number 17 appears to be Mason symbolism in my research
(suspects in the JFK hit and also 9.11)
Covid 19 hit the stage about the time I finished the TDS report on 10.11.2019
(TDS suggests a British connection to 9.11).
2.1.20 I show intent to distribute TDS,
and the SS sends the crazy Library HIT at me "you!"
(a likely SS operative).
2.15.20 2 weeks later, the SS takes my site down,
then tries to drive me nuts.
3.12 I'm poised to distribute TDS to city officials,
and City Hall closes to the public, due to Covid 19.
3.14 I start collecting Covid 19 data,
and the SS threttins me, you "about to go down".
3 days later the SS stages a HIT, and the cops show up.
3.18 I publish Covid 19 data.
2 days later the SS threttins to shoot me.
3.23 I continue collecting Covid 19 data,
so the SS takes my brain out, then runs a red lite.
3.25 the SS tortures me as I collect more data.
(shoves a bug into my eye socket).
3.28 I continue collecting data,
and the SS tortures me by yanking my leg (part crippling me).
3.29 The next day, the SS yanks both legs apart (3x).
3.31 I publish more Covid 19 data,
and this time the SS seems to be trying to create the excuse,
to attack with biological warfare
(pls read Is The CIA Out of Control).
(they take out my surgical gloves
(forcing me to use dubble zipper sandwich bags).
They shove a laxative down my throat,
forcing me to use the toilet twice a day,
insted of once every 2 days.
Today they sabotaged my washer,
forcing a 3 hour wash, insted of 90 minutes.