The 2019 BLOGS

12.3.19 the SS has gone tyrannical on me,,
today banning (thru obstruction) the use of my laptop
to publish the latest SS misdeeds.
They also stopped the purchase of a new laptop,
and sabotaged my new scanner which was used to
publish SS misdeeds on the fly.
They're also deleting critical emails,
and blatantly obstructed contact with a government agency
(dropping calls, sabotaging cell phone,
and apparently advising not to call at the appointed time.
The SS has also invoked the BUB againe, for the holidays,
(beating up the brain), and then applying psychological warfare
(in the HIT room),
as part of the Guillotine tactics (includes brain washing).
To make this happen, the SS is blatantly getting in at night,
on the average 3 hours per night (this last week alone).
---------------------------------------- 10.19.19 publish report
10.22.19 MKU Kill attempt (SS shut me off (a split second)
after inducing me to run down the stairs.
10.25.19 SS shoved poison down my throat using MKU (targetting my organs)
10.26.19 SS tried to get me to choke on a sharp object (placed in my food).
Then repeat the attempt days later (after I mock Trump,
suggesting he should be cited for contempt, for ignoring the subpoena's.
10.29.19 another HIT in the HIT room
(this guy had papers stating he was mentally ill).
11.7.19 SS tries to hit me with a car,
where they expected me to look the other way.
11.8.19 SS stages a HIT with a ganger
(they employ a falsehood and make a scene)
11.9.19 the SS sabotages a laptop purchase, so I take it back.
11.10.19 SS gets more aggressive and hits my van hard
as if with an object, trying to incite.
11.12.19 I message US senators the TDS report,
but suspect the messages didn't get thru.
11.15.19 SS stalks me to the supermarket,
stages more drama next to van, and Hits me van several times
with a car door, as if to incite, then block me,
as I try to leave.
11.18.19 SS obstructs contact with a govt office.
12.1.19 SS tries to poison me by switching my food (green mold).
12.3.19 SS stops usage (thru sabotage) of my current laptop to publish this blog.thru sabotage.
12.20 the ss took away my credit card,
(the SS is very influential)
12.23.19 3 days later, the SS tries to put me on the streets
in the freezing rain, by trying to kill my engine.
I wood've needed the credit card.
12.28.19 5 days later, the SS tries to put me on the streets,
by trying to smash up the van (using MKU).

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