8.15.19 The SS stepped up their attacks in the scorching heat.
They staged 5 stings in a row, as if to kick me out of my nite spot.
The SS also heated up the floor board (where I sleep) several times.
3 days ago the SS locked me out of storage, preventing me from emptying the van, to escape the scorching heat.

8.15.19 Another hit attempt in the ded of nite, startled while in bed, with someone nex to van, screaming vulgarities F*** you!....F*** you!..., as if to coax me out.
I tot this was unprecedented.
The 15th letter O, is symbolic of revolution.
8.17.19 another Saturday (my report day), and the SS stops the Diary report.
This time they fried my brain for 3 hours last nite, after pumping my brain with chemicals. So it was barbecue time (There was the smell of sulfer in the nostrils).
Then they took out my brain partially, with sleep deprivation tactics (nodoze is involved). 2 days ago they kept me awake beyond my limits thru the day, forcing me
to skip work.

The SS is also assaulting my organs as I sleep.

8.1.19 SS appears to be banning the Diary Report, by drugging me, anytime I try to update.
7.27.19 The SS wont let me finish
the Diary Report. They're keeping me drugged, and keep attacking the van in retaliation, for simply trying. Just yesterday after I pulled out my notes, my van died 5 times.