6.1.2019 SS retaliated for Special Report 4,
by stranding me, after they punched a leak in Van.

7.6.2019 Back to the chain gang
doing TM work with the ex cons,
wasting away, when I could be doin Tech.

Its another SS setup. I call it the Hit room.
So far in 3 weeks, 6 hit attempts,
(virtual blatant provocations, unprecedented)
especially the day before the 4th.
The SS has bin retaliating for the 4th since 1776.

I'm trying to do my job, and it's like
swoosh! swoosh!......Swoosh! 'we get him yet'
'let's do plan D, bring in 2 more operatives'
'the Furor says Failurrre eese not een option'

I've bin trying to produce a Diary Report,
but the SS drugged me twice today,
and of course beat up my brain.
So maybe next week.