10.14.19 The SS is retaliating by cutting my income (2 weeks pay) (at 14 per hour)
10.4.19 The Diary Summary has begun.
I have months of data, and no time to write.
9.20.19 The SS crippled me againe (yanked my leg beyond its limits), 2 days after King Trump visited LA. They also crippled me after his 11.18 visit.
9.20.19 The SS asaulted me in the hit room (where I work), using MKU, then tried to hit me with a speeding car, after work, then tried for an accident, then stalked me to the post office, and laffed in my face.
They're also screwing up my job, blocking critical calls, trying to get me fired, againe.
9.20.19 The SS wont let me exercise off the drugs, as they continue to obstruct the Diary report. They're saturating my brain with chemicals.
9.14.19 I'm recovering day by day and the SS re assaults me at nite as if to prolong my condition.
9.10.19 While crippled, the SS trapped me in a road rage hit attempt. My van was trapped, and the hit kept screaming to move the van. It was like one of those nite mares.
9.10.19 After I updated the Site last Saturday, the crazy SS yanked my legs apart, as I slept. I could barely walk the next day. I'm still recovering, and missed 2 days of work. Then they staged a hit attempt in the market, as I hobbled like an old man. The guy hits my arm, then blocks me for 20 seconds.
8.27.19 SS marinating my brain with chemicals targeting memory.
8.30.19 It's the 13th summer of heat torture, and the SS makes it worse.
9.2.19 SS resorts to sleep deprivation torture to stop the report on Labor Day. They use Nodoze to keep me awake beyond my limits, which essentially shuts yor brain down, partially.
9.4.19 more hit attempts.
9.7.19 another saturday, and the go to torture now is sleep deprivation, to stop the Diary Report. For some reason they crippled me today, so another hit attempt mite be a comin.