7.20.19 The SS is at it again
Stranded again before I could publish
(a repeat of last June first).
Today, the SS stopped any updates
to the Diary report, by drugging me,
then they stranded me
(by attacking my van)
knowing I would publish
the following Theorys:

WTC is an emphatic II, for QEII
The JFK hit was for KGIII
(the number 3, is all over the Hit data)
JFK was condemned at birth,
as a sacrificial lamb,
in payment for the rebellion,
so the SS worships a deity
(their actions are to appease a god).
Trump was ushered in 2017,
the 300th year of the Mason's (began in London)
"dubya" the 9.11 president
translates to II (the wtc)
9.11 was the 60th anniversary
of the pentagon (KGIII 1760)
9.11 was the 140th anniversary
of Robert E Lee's first battle.
Why was it on Cheat Mountain?
9.11 was the 3rd anniversary
of the IC warning
of devastating consequenses