Breaking Newz 1.11.2022


Breaking News

Titanic radio operators
gave bad coordinates (off by 15.5 miles).
Coincidenally JD's empire
was broken up by the korts
on 5.15.
The apparent reversal symbolism
suggests retaliation.

Breaking News

The Bilderbergs 1st meeting
was on JFK's 37th birthday
(The inverse is 63).
JFK was shot in 1963
(9 yrs later).
He received a thret 9 days before he was shot.
The meeting was in Dutch Netherlands.
Guess what 1954 means.


Breaking Newz!!!!!
The 3rd shooter at the JFK assassination.
StillDiggin looks at Russian Abraham Zapruder.

He had xcuses for everyting,
for being in positon, for having a cohort,
for even bringing the camera.

There's symbolism everywhere,
including the camera
(model 414PD, Abraham Lincoln was HIT on 4.14.1865
right after Lee's surrender at Appomattix).

There was 26.6 seconds of film
(I alreddy suggested the Brits and the American Revolution
were the reason for the JFK HIT,
and the queen was crowned in 1926 at age 26).