Bad Role model hastened the spred 9.12.20

According to recent newz
Trump sed (on 2,7.20) he knew,
the virus waz airborn and dedly stuff,
yet he never wore a mask.

Even by 4.5 when wearing a mask seemed necessary,
as the deth curve was spiking badly,
with 7000 ded Americans,
Trump never wore a mask.

Even during the worst months April, May, and June,
with 130,000 ded Americans, Trump never wore a mask,
insted he ridiculed Biden for wearing a mask,
and gave a June Tulsa rally with no mask,
sending mixed signals to the populace,
that wearing no mask was ok,
thus hastening the spred, increasing the deth toll.

It wasn't until the symbolic date 7.11.20,
did Trump start wearing a mask,
exactly 4 months into the Pandemic.
According to theory, the number 4 is very symbolic,
the 4th sign, is the down arrow on the clock,
and is symbolic of the thumbs down.
(JFK waz shot at 12:30 and on 12.30.20 80,000 alerts went out
that the virus waz here).
Trump is pictured many times giving the thumbs up
(with a grinch like smirk), during the 2016 campaign.

Major events occurred in April, like the Civil war,
the American Revolution. The Titanic went down
(on the 52nd anniversary of the Civil war).
Lincoln waz shot in April,
and the last Pandemic ended in April, 1920 (100 years ago),
just to name a few.
Covid 19 is 100 genetic bases shy of 30,000.

And of course, the Pandemic's worst month waz April,
with 57000 deths (more deths than the Vietnam war).
And Trump did say on 5.17 "we're transitioning to greatness"
"the greatness will happen in the 4th quarter".
He sed dis while America's topsy turvey
with a shattered economy, 33 million unemployed in April,
race riots, looting. Where's the greatness?
He also boasted about hiz performance,
like, I waz flawless, a 10 ouda 10.
Rite before April, he seyz, "we will win this war",
then in mid April on 4.19,
(the 245th anniversary of the American Revolution)
with 38,000 Americans ded,
he seyz like , I waz flawless (Trump is the 45th prez).