9.19.20 Travel Ban PANIC

On 3.11.20 DDAY (the C19 Invasion),
Trump cozzed a PANIC in the manner
he ordered the travel ban,
with the false impression,
that travellers risked being stranded.

Travellers leaving the country panicked
with the "erroneous impression, created by Trump,
that they risked being stranded in Europe."
"There waz fear and chaos" (June 5,2020 The WEEK magazine).
"Many travellers rushed home ..... fearing the worst".
"People waited for hours in confined spaces" (virtually packed like sardines)
with no protection, no masks, nothing.

JFK airport turned into a Covid 19 breeding ground.
2 weeks later 1000 people were dying every day. Soon it waz 2000 per day.
By the end of April 57,000 people were ded
(More deths then in the Vietnam war)(22,000 in New York).

Trump sed himself a month erlier "dis eese dedly stuff",
yet the CDC provided no masks to thoze 100,000 travellers.
There waz no request that they social distance.

The CDC knew about MERS, they knew about EBOLA, and SARS (17 years ago).
They're all respiratory dezeazes like Covid 19 (called SARS-COV-2).
The CDC must of known (all theze years), that standard measures,
for respiratory illness is to wear a mask, and keep yor distance.

Even in erly 2020, IDE's (Infectious Dezeaze experts)
were sayin tings like SARS is back (10 percent kill rate in 2003),
this one is devastating, shut down Wuhan now.
Even the White House sed "It cood be a world crisis" on 1.13.20,
other IDE's sed millions cood die.
Even Fauci sed on 3.13 '2.2 million cood die'.
Even Trump knew it waz airborn, a month before the Travel Ban.

Yet on 3.11.20, 100,000 travellers (at the major airport hubs),
were packed in like sardines, for hours, sharing Covid 19 with each other.

Just weeks before the Travel Ban,
back on 2.27 the CDC apparently played dumb
when they sed they didnt know
that C19 waz highly contageous
(HTHT human to human transmission)
as the excuse for limited testing
(widespred testing is crucial to containment).
The next day on 2.28 The Who sed C19 waz dedly and contageous.
Then immediately after the invasion,
the CDC admitted they knew there waz HTHT
(humna to human transmission),
and that the virus waz contageous.
That same day, 3.15.20, the FDA allowed anybody to test.

Trump waited weeks to do the Travel Ban
(while C19 waz devastating Europe).
So when it finally appened, all hell broke loose
(people frantically trying to get home).
The C19 invasion had begun.
C19 literally exploded into the population,
becoz of the panicked rush to get home,
in the 48 hour time frame.
(the number 48 is symbolic.
According to theory, L=12 and four L's
form the swastika.

It is our opinion that containment waz lost on DDAY, 3.11,
with New York az the epicenter
(just 19 years after the 9.11 terrorism strike,
with 2924 people ded),
and others walking away with breathing problems).

3.11 waz C19's hey day. It waz like take yor pick,
a host here, a host there.
So it waz DDAY in reverse.
In 1944 the Allies invaded Europe,
76 years later, Europe invades America
with a C19 invasion force.
(coincidentally 1776.7.4 waz Independence day).

Then rite after the invasion, after the 3.14 NE declaration,
the White House warnz of a surge (did they know about the invasion?).
They were correct.
2 weeks later 1000 people are dying per day, soon it's 2000 per day.
April Casualties were three times that of the Normandy Invasion.

Trump also delayed the NE (National Emergency) declaration,
by weeks, until 3.14. By coincidence the 1966 Batman series ended on 3.14.1968.
Also by coincidence, C19 waz spawned by a Bat to Man (BatMan) transmission.

Trump waited until a symbolic date 3.11 (three elevens).
Did Trump know The WHO wood declare a Pandemic on 3.11?
They did declare a Helth Emergency of International Concern
on 1.30 (another symbolic date). But Trump did fire the WHO back in May.