10.5.20 S & LG PANIC PART II

All the government studies (2017,2019)
were warning signs,
that we werent reddy, our PPE waz LO.

In 2019 HHS (Helth and Human Services)
did a study predicting the panic,
the confusion between federal and state gvts,
and that PPE waz too LO.

How ever this didnt alert HHS into action,
to restock the shelves,
nor did the alerts that C19 waz upon us
(in December of 2019) (SARS iz back! This one is devastating)

The CDC knew about C19 relatives (MERS EBOLA SARS),
and how devastating SARS waz, with a 10 percent kill rate.
Yet not even this alarmed HHS to restock the shelves.
HHS didnt even have a pandemic plan,
despite an Obama executive order to do one.

Even in 2017 the Pentagon did a study, that PPE waz too LO.
What doz Trump do? He shuts down Obama's Pandemic office,
he fires the pandemic experts at the CDC.
He even gets rid of 70 percent of the peeple designated
to respond to a pandemic (Emergency Mgmt Preparedness).
He also defunded the CDC, defunded CDC programs dezined
to help the states respond to a pandemic,
and defunded CDC programs dezined to help other countries
respond to a pandemic.

Then at the hite of the pandemic (April, the month of deth),
with 38000 ded by April 19th
(the 245th anniversary of the American Revolution)
Trump (the 45th prez) blames Obama, saying "Obama left the shelves empty".

When the alerts hit in December of 2019, and continued into January,
that a dedly virus is upon us,
it looks like SARS (a dedly contagion),
Trump plays dumb,
its ok, its awight, it'll disappear, pooof, its like the FLU.
(Trump later admitted he waz lying)
(The CDC knew SARS waz a dedly contagion, and if left unchecked,
cood devastate America).

Trumps excuse for being nonchallant, assuaging the public,
waz he didnt wanna coz a panic (admitted in mid september).
Yet he literally took out our first line of defense in 2018,
when he fired the pandemic experts, closed those CDC pandemic programs,
shut down Obama's pandemic office, etc. etc..
The white house certainly had reazon to panic,
insted Trump waz cool, chillin, disconnected, on cloud 9.

Despite operating with one hand tied behind hiz back,
Trump waz still in a position to do some good,
to beat the clock (to contain a dedly contagion, time is of the essence).

There waz still time to save America, from disaster,
from massive casualties, from economic collapse,
from race riots and anarchy.

Insted he fumbles the ball in the end zone,
hastens the spred, over and over and over,
with no containment, inaccurate testing,
delays in invoking federal autority and resources,
and even out rite refusal to help states and local governemnts,
at the hite of the crisis, when 2000 peeple were dying per day.

The CDC delayed testing a month, then minimized testing,
(2.27.20 the CDC sed they didnt know the virus waz contageous),
then the FDA let anybody do the testing (the Testing Market waz born,
and their accuracy waz very questionable).
This hastened the spred of C19.

He delayed the travel ban by weeks,
he delayed the National Emergency declaration by weeks.
Even back in January, the HHS waited 2 weeks to notify Trump,
that a dedly virus waz upon us.

So precious time waz ticking away, dayz, weeks, months.
So by DDAY, 3.11.20 the time waz ripe,
for the C19 invasion from Europe
(C19 had alreddy taken over Europe),
(the Brits quit the EU in the nick of time)

instigated by none other than Trump and hiz bully tactics,
in declaring the travel ban.

Then, as if that waznt enuff,
he continued to hasten the spred,
by failing to intervene in a PPE mess he waz reponsiible for

(states and local governments, hospitals and medical providers,
were in a panic bidding against each other
in a price gouging market place.
They were being ripped off while trying to save lives,
in the midst of the pandemic)

becoz he left the PPE shelves empty in 2018,
when he got rid of all thoze pandemic people,
and shut doen all thoze pandemic programz).

One question still remainz,
why waz the SNS at 1 percent?
(Strategic National Stockpile
8 billion dollars worth of PPE and medical supplies
distributed in warehouses nationwide)