10.10.20 S & LG PANIC PART III

Even at the worst time,
the month of deth (MOD April),
when people were dying big time (1000 then 2000 per day),
state and local governments,
were frantically in a panic,
trying to scrounge up PPE,
in the open market
laden with opportunists, price gougers, fraud, manipulation.

By 4.11 prices for PPE sky rocketed.
State and local governments
were forced to compromise safety,
to get the deal.
They cut corners, ignored protocols, standards, red tape,
to get the deal.
Consequently, PPE was substandard, defective, moldy, even useless,
despite the money and effort spent for acquisition.
The governors pleaded for Pence to intervene. He sed no.

The price gouging PPE market.
banking on desperation, and panic, and frantic bidding,
waz Robbing America during it's moment in need,
marking the return of Black Beard.

The PPE black market is a Biz
bankng on chaos and confusion.
Keep the supplies LO, to keep the rates sky HI.
Any type of direction or leadershipp,
would diminish any type of get rich scheme.

So demand skyrockets,
as price gougers make a killing,
ripping off state and local governments,
hospitals and medical providers,
as the deth toll mounts, as cases pile up.
Where did they get the PPE?
Why waz the SNS at 1 percent
(at full capacity it stocked $8 billion worth of PPE and medical supplies).

LA Times 5.17.20
"Obama harshly criticized Trumps handling of the pandemic,
calling it an absolute chaotic disaster", and insinuated
that nobody waz in charge, and nobody knew what they were doing.

LA Times 3.15.20
"the real estate mogul, ......who pledged to make the government
wook more like a BIZ".

LA Times 4.11.20
March Trump "the government is not a shipping clerk"
(Trump told governors)
leaving states and local governments
to fend for themselves
in a global market for protective gear",
laden with "logistical challenges, lack of transparency,
potential for fraud".
"prices for medical supplies have skyrocketed".
"had to ignore red tape to act quickly, before lozing the deal,
but risk buying defective or substandard medical supplies'
"opportunists cashing in on a global pandemic".

"governors nationwide have asked Pence
to put FEMA in charge of buying and distributing medical supplies"
Pence sed No, no no no, no no no no.

LA Times 3.15.20
(The PPE market)
"experts in the global supply chain
say that dubious middle men have flooded the market
with suspect offers,
creating an atmosphere of distrust and confusion"
Hospitals are "frantically in a panic,
due to shortages in medical supplies".
"counterfeiting is now rampant".
"the chaotic marketplace stemz from
the federal governments lack of a coordinated strategy
to procure and distribute medical supplies". (haz increased the deth toll)
Mark Ridley Thomas "Its baffling, that local and state governments
have to contend with the lack of national leadership
in securing supplies".

LA Times 4.5.20
(Trump lets the states fite it out
for medical supplies on the open market).

"abruptly distances hiz involvement
after anger growz from governors
over federal medical supply assistance"
"calls SNS merely a backup, not a lifesaver"
until 4.3 HHS desribed SNS
"as the nations largest supply
of lifesaving pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
for use in a Public Helth Emergency".

(HHS declared a PHE on 1.31.20.
somtins up with SNS. where did it all go?)

attorney for Hartford Helthcare
"the rizing cost of medical supplies
is mostly the result of price gouging and profiteering"

LA Times 3.29.20
(The month of deth (April) is next, in 2 dayz).

"the U.S failed to stock pile test kits and medical supplies".
"federal officials are frantically
trying to buy masks and gear from other countries".
"HHS haz no plan for procuring and distributing medical supplies,
despite an executive order" to do so.

(The CDC helped create a pandemic plan in 2014,
but it waz ignored by Trump. Other countries did uze it).

USC professor "lack of preparation
slowed the developement and distribution of testing kits".

LA Times 3.29.20
(MOD is next, the worst month ever
where 57000 died the next few weeks.)

"experts believe the Trump administration
cood speed delivery of scarce medical supplies,.....
"insted states and medical systems
are increasingly competing against each other
in a chaotic market place
where everyone is scrambling to get the same supplies".

LA Times 4.19.20
(it's the 245th anniversary of the American revolution)
(It ended in 1783)(38,000 Americans have died from C19.)
(Trump blames others for the disaster
and boasts about hiz performance. I waz a 10 ouda 10).

"states, counties, and local hospitals
are desperately bidding against eachother,
for scarce medical supplies".
"in a marketplace laden with chaos, profiteering, and fraud".

"Trump called the catastrophe unforeseeable
and blamed China, The WHO, Obama, and the states".

(Recently 10.8.20 he whittled that down to China
of course with no evidence or supporting statements
as part of hiz campaign rhetoric).
(Back in May, rite after MOD, Trump accused China of creating C19 in a lab).
(rite before MOD China accused the U.S. of biological warfare).

LA Times 4.19.20
"there waz little urgency to the federal governments response"
"Trump haz vascillated on who is to blame
for the rizing deth toll,
and maintains that hiz administrations response was flawless,
like a well oiled machine,
a 10 ouda 10,
that the slow rate of testing waz not hiz fault"
"I dont take responsiibility for that at all".

(Trump single handedly took out our first line of defense,
by gettin rid of the experts and the pandemic programs,
and ignoring the CDC pandemic plan of 2014.
He also delayed the travel ban, until C19 took over Europe,
delayed the National Emergency making states wait weeks,
for the funds to expedite their response.
The CDC delayed testing a month, then unnecessarily limited testing,
and made bad decisions. Trump runz the HHS and the HHS runz the CDC,
so the testing screw ups were hiz responsibility).

LAT 3.28.20 "until Friday Trump had sed he didnt need ta invoke hiz autority,
under the Defense Production Law (invoked on 3.14),
becoz biz were voluntarily retooling to make medical supplies".
Public Helth experts and state and local leaders
have bin urging Trump to uze DPL
to boost production of medical supplies".

"on Thursday (3.25) Trump criticized democratic governers
who pleaded for more ventilaters."
"you know what I sey, if they dont treat you rite, I don call".
"I wan them to be appreciative".
(kiss my ring, bow down, lick my shoes.
what an attitude, huh.The curve is spiking, 2000 ded the last 2 wks.
MOD is almost here).

LA Times 4.19.20
with a "crippling supply shortage nationwide
he (Trump) put the onus on our nations governors,
to sholder the challenge and assume the blame
if the dedly virus dont cooperate,
rather than take the responsibility himself".

(waznt me, uh uh, they did it)

"reporters wanted to know why Trump didnt take stronger action
to fite the pandemic".
Trump "accused state governors of mismanaging the helth crisis".

(after he refuzed to intervene and let them fite it out for PPE.
They were trying to contain a moving target (with the virus running amok),
due to delays in testing, inadequate and inaccurate testing,
and the front line workers had little or no PPE.
Plus there waz inexperience and incompetence
at the CDC, the FDA, HHS, and the WH,
leading to bad and erroneous decisions, hastening the spred.
Worst of all, the man at the top, waz still on the job training.
how doz this wook? don gimme any lip or I'll fire you! yor fired!
I runnin the government like a BIZ. money money money)

LA Times 3.1.20
Trump "no reazon ta panic at all" (yet)
"cuts in funding to the CDC
have devastated its epidemic control and prevention efforts".
Trump "this is their (the democrats) new hoax"

(He told Woodward C19 waz real, "dedly stuff", then he calls it a hoax).
Daily Newz 3.15.20
"White house IDE (infectious dezeaze expert)
warnz that c19 may surge in the coming dayz" he waz rite


LA Times 3.15.20
The "SNS (Strategic National Stockpile),
an 8 billion dollar inventory, saved up for a severe crisis,
stored in ware houses across the U.S." (currently at 1 percent).
"Trump haz sed several times (apparently for emphasis),
nobody knew a corona virus cood reech our shores" (others have many times)
"its an unforeseen problem that came ouda nowhere".

(as if to say, I had no idea, the virus waz gonna hit, really.)

OHS "Office Of Helth Security, setup by Obama, (abolished by Trump in 2018)
to eliminate red tape, to force feuding agencies to cooperate,
expedite a response to a thret".