10.3.20 S & LG PANIC

Trump left the shelves empty (not Obama)(lo PPE),
cozzing another panic,

cozzing state and local governments, hospitals, and medical providers,
to frantically scramble, compete, bid against each other,
for hard to come by PPE.

Not only waz Trump the reazon for Lo PPE
(allowing the black market prices to sky rocket),
but he refuzed to intervene
(despite his position of power and autority),
repeatedly assuaging, side stepping, ducking the issue,
with tings like ,
I cood be the distributer but "I'm waiten for the biz to kick in",
I'm announcing PAB (Project Airbridge 2.20.20) (the dog and pony show),
keeping the public at bay
(the first flite didn't happen until 2 days before April (the month of deth).

When he sed he didnt wanna coz a panic,
he shood a sed he didnt wanna coz a public outcry
(where's the PPE! why is it so Lo!
Our health care heroes are risking their lives,
with little or no protection.
PPE's (like masks) will stem the spred.
Why was testing delayed almost a month! DDay is almost upon us.
You cant contain if you dont test).

Then during the worst month, April,
(the month of deth, MOD, 57000 died that month (30 percent in New York).
He woodnt even let FEMA intervene,
while State and Local governements
were on their knees pleading for relief,
for some one to restore order, to the Black Market chaos,
the price gouging while people were dying.
Pence sed NO, no no no, no no no no.
(consistent with hiz dizmal performance
during the AIDS crisis in South Indiana).

Also in April Trump gets nasty and says
"the government is not a shipping clerk".
When they sed the SNS (Strategic National Stockpile) was at 1 percent,
Trump brushed it off saying it waz only a backup.
(that's 8 billion dollars worth of PPE and medical supplies, GONE,
except for 1 percent). Where did it all go?