10.31.20 Halloween

The price for free speech.

I publish info on the JINX,
and the SS lets me have it.
They rigged a red lite camera at a Metro stop,
to shoot me as I sat in traffic
(I was behind the white line).

There now stickin to more clandestine activities,
az if to minimize the evidence.

After I published "Trump cozzed anoda panic"
in erly October, the SS threttend to shut down my site,
for not updating my contact info.

The SS also haz me rigged for torture,
like bitin my tung, 2 dayz in a row
(excrutiating pain).
The SS is also keeping my ears plugged.

While publishing "He Let It Happen",
the SS was switching out my food with rotting items,
as if to get me sick.
The SS waz also drugging me before prayer time,
as if to stop me.
The SS also stops the Hellelujah song
"forever and ever and ever, hellelujah hellelujah...."
on any CD (they hate that song).
Apparently its an affront to their king.