11.2.20 Election Eve

The price for free speech.

The SS waits until "The Day of the Ded"
to strike with a hit.
Ouda the blu, a gangress is on my heels
with what looked like a nife
(held az one wood a nife)
in an isolated area.

They created the excuse
(lass nite past midnite, aroun 130)
with a drama queen making a scene at my van,
yelling at least 8 timez "you F--k---g bastard!".

To coincide the SS lessened my awareness
with sleep deprivation az if to affect my timing.
The SS new I'd be weaker physically taday,
since I sometimes diet on food day.

So the hit waz well orchestrated like the CIA,
on a symbolic day 11.2
(the reverse is a symbolic 2111, symbolic for TOUS
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,
since 2111 are buried at the roze garden).

And of course this is the eve of the election,
and the SS haz retaliated repeatedly for my ritings,
like rigging a redlite camera,
as if to punish me with a large fine.

And to punish me further
the SS stopped the music
(the KD music that is, which is Christmas music
this time of year) sabotaging not one, but 5 CD players.
Two players waz bran spankin new.
One player I ordered online,
and they sabotaged it before I opened the box.
The KD (Christmas karate dance) haz bin traditional
at least the last 13 years.