11.7.20 Post Election

The price for free speech.

Since around election day,
the SS haz bin comin at me
with one HIT after anoda,
even weakening me, to increase their chances.

I alreddy mentioned the gangress in the supermarket
(on election eve), where I had little sleep, and no food.
Last nite the SS attacked my brain before a HIT
(pumpin the brain wid chemz),
then had a tuff guy try to provoke
(uzing a team of 7 RTMz at the same supermarket).

The day after the election,
the SS staged a HIT at the same spot (same supermarket)
(after assaulting me an hour erlier uzing MKU
(similar to that morning, they attacked a vital organ)
az if to weaken me in case an altercation broke out.

Even on election day, the SS stokked me to the gulf toilet,
with a ganger (rite behind me) who tryz to provoke
(slamz the toilet seat wid extreme force)
(he musta had anger issues).

By 11.5 after the 3 HITz, the SS did the BUB
(beat up the brain to coz memory loss) az I slept).

The next day (yesterday), the SS hit me
with an involuntary swallo (while eating) az if to kill
(they have me rigged. they also make me bite the tung
which iz excrutiating).

Their punishment extendz to banning movies (thru sabotage),
banning christmas music (during KD).
They even banned the alarm clock (thru sabotage)
so it cant interfere, while they're in beating up the brain.

They even had my insurance company cancel my insurance for a day,
just to harass.
Just today, they shut off the newz, on my car radio (itz 2 years old).