C19 LOG August 24th, 2020

8.25.20 They have me under the BUB again (a memory wipe campaign),
virtually every nite doin somtin to the brain.
Just last nite, I woke up with concussion symptoms (dazed, ears ringing).
This morning it felt like another all niter
(hed was stuffed, with titeness toward the rear, which usually means electroshoks).

They took out at least 5 dayz, by turning me into a vege
(sleep deprivation so bad, that all you can do is vegetate).
They stop the brain from resting by keeping you on Nodoze.
It's like somtim out of Auscwitz.

Then the scorching heat put me in survival mode (without the report machine),
with a bucket of ice at my side. I lost like a week or so.
The psycho maniacs even used the heat gainst me,
as if to torture me to deth.
For example at bedtime on 8.15.20
the SS tortured me with 3 sources of heat,
the engine (which is rigged to heat up),
my Catalytic converter, rigged to heat up
(heats up the floor bord (my bed) in the process),
and a scorching 111 degree temp.
On top of that SS rtms grabbed all the open nite spots,
forcing me to drive and drive looking for a nite spot, heating up the engine.
They intended to kill me with the heat.

They've stalked me to about 6 nite spots,
just to startle me out of my sleep, in the ded of nite,
by banging on the window.

They also tried to ambulence me with chemical attacks,
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki dayz (America's first Nuclear strikes on 8,6 and 8.9).
It was some bad stuff, and luckily I was able to evade.
They're also drugging my writing abilities, apparently with ambien.

I also lost a few days trying to get my home to pass the smog test.
They even staged a ganger HIT while I waited in the park.

Then there's the giant tree that came crashing down
across my KD (karate dance) parking spot.
(The SS can do anything, so it cood a bin a tree HIT).
(I wood a bin squashed like a bug).