C19 LOG September 11th, 2020

9.11.20 The SS seems to have any Trump C19 report banned,
by forceful means (thru drugz).
Is this Fascism or what?
The SS stalks me from spot to spot,
just to drug me (uzing MKU), several times a day,
obsessively, blatantly, desperately,
stopping any report on C19 and Trump, as the election drawz near.

In one case it was like every 30 minutes.
They control where I park, and my choices area limited
by the heat.
In one drugging event, I counted 7 minutes of missing time.

After two hellish scorchers (118 degrees, 121 degrees),
the SS obstructed wtfm events.
(WTFM (where to find me, listed on the web site).
Apparently someone sot me.
To coincide, the SS attacked my image
(poured urine on my clothes, stole my clean socks,
browned up my underwear, poured chemz
into my eye sockets (to make me look older),
it waz bad).

During the record breaking 121 degree scorcher on 9.6.20,
the SS blocked access to websites,
for cooling centers and motels
(thank the lord I found one by driving around).
One motel yelled at me for asking for a room.
It must a bin the heat, 121 degrees that day.
Even the 118 degree heat waz a living hell.
Itz bin like dis the last 14 years,
after the SS made me homeless.

While I was escaping the furnace
(inside the motel), the SS got in my van,
and blatantly took a religious CD
I bin uzing to start my KD (karate dance).
Hopefully they'll return it, after they're done.

Lassa nite the SS resorted to terror,
banging into my van, startling me out of sleep.
They also shoved acidic chem down my throte,
as if to torture, and shoved somtin down the hatch,
the prior nite, which got me a bit sick.
The last time they did dis,
they were targetting my organz.