9.18.20 Delayed agane, as the election neers

The price for free speech.

I publish "Bad Role Model and the number 4",
and 2 dayz later I'm riding the bus,
and my van is sidelined the next 3 dayz.
My last stop waz 7.11 (the symbolic number in Bad Role Model).

The SS also tried to create panic
after I joked (in my newz comedy)
about Trumps excuse for not acting
during the Pandemic.

I had until 5pm to acquire accomodations,
so the tow company dragged their feet,
played dumb, kept getting my location rong,
lied that they called 3 times.
(the SS also switched Cell batteries on me.
so I only had 3 percent juice).

(also while scheduling, the SS uzed MKU on me,
got in and hid the address to the auto shop,
forcing me to frantically look all over.)

Then the Tow guy waz an SS hit (looked like a navy seal),
acting mean rude and angry (apparently at my last pub),
and definitely reddy to exact violence
(even slammed the door in my face, az if to povoke).

The day I published "Bad Role Model" on 9.12.20
the SS shoved a bug into my eye socket,
then forced me to work out after eating
(a Kill attempt).

On 9.14, while still getting organized in me new accomodations,
the SS forced me to run to the toilet with a Biological attack
(typically food contamination).

Today, with my van back in my hanz,
and the SS like expecting a report to the autorities,
the SS staged a police presence big time
(they typically form an association as a deterrence
from running to the autorities for help,
like "I just staged 15 coppers, and you tink they gonna elp you?.)