(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)

August 10th 2019

My Diary Report appears banned.
The SS drugs me at will now,
anytime I pull up my notes.
When I did a writeup today, to explain,
the SS sabotaged my publishing equipment,
and the scanner is still newish, I rarely use it.
So I'm reiterating what I wrote in my Diary today.

Here's what the SS did to Obstruct my DRP efforts (again):
the SS got in 8 hours over the last 2 nites,
they slammed my brain and electrocuted it.
They later saturated my brain with chemicals,
and deprived me of sleep the last 2 nites.
And of course the SS drugs me with ambien
yesterday and today.

1005 I pull out my DRP notes,
and the SS immediately puts me in droop mode (droopy eyes, drowsed up).

1028 I do a 20 minute sitting nap, try to study,
and the SS immediately obstructs (droopy eyes again)
1030 I try to nap and the SS immediately keeps me awake,
taking away the droop.
(They have this secret warfare perfected,
and probably do this to political opponenets)

1034 It's a seesaw battle,
I nap and the SS keeps me awake.
I try to study and the SS puts me in droop mode.

GUY 41: How they do that so quickly?
GUY 430: The Diary report appears banned.
GUY 431: Maybe they're waitin for Tony to forget the details.
GUY 41: Maybe the SS has to cover their tracks first.
GUY 41: They must be Fascists, the forcible suppression of any opposition.
GUY 430: That's a violation of free speech.
GUY 40: Free speech is a fantasy.
Americans only have free speech to a certain point
until it gets in the way of the SS.

GUY 430: I tot Patton got rid of the Fascists in WWII.
GUY 41: Some escaped to South America, like Mendelen.
BOSS: You stupit idiot!
The SSSSSSSSS created Fazism, ta ta ta (GUY 41 interjects)
GUY 41: To suit their Authoritarian agenda, 'my way or the HI way' (in secret of course)
GUY 41: Why do Tyrannies have to be that way?
There's the oppressers, then there's the oppressed.
BOSS: heee heee heee
GUY 40: All those homeless people got the short end of the stick.
we got would be doctors, lawyers, scientists, walking the streets, because somebody loves money more than humanity.
BOSS: heee heee who, duh duh duh top one pur ssent
GUY 35: Just the other month, Pompeo says somtin like
the melting polar ice caps, will allow us to explore the region for oil
BOSS: heee heee heee, he didn say Oil
GUY 40: It's just an example of the callous attitude,
with regards Global Warming, like
"oh let it happen, we can use it to our advantage.