C19 Theory June 6th, 2020
The SS blatantly deleted my initial text,
rite in front of me,
as if to be blatant and arrogant at the same time
(a CIA trait).

This is my second attempt.
This time the SS hacks switched the file I was editing,
and gave 2 files the same name.

The following thoery is the opinion of StillDigging.com.
Research on the details is ongoing.
The information is based on the newz.

Trump was clueless, disconnected, and nonchallant (perhaps intentionally),
while the Covid world waz crumbling around him
(even while C19 was poized to mount an offensive in April 2020),
despite the alerts, despite the warnings,
despite the SARS pandemic in 2003,
despite the pandemic declaration on 3.11.2020.

To coincide, the medical community was cot off gard, not reddy,
with no stockpile of medical supplies (MS)
(and the WH (white house) had shut down the pandemic office in 2018).
Despite all this, he was still in a position to weild his autority,
to speed up delivery of medical supplies,
to those hospitals and providers in need.
Instead he sat and watched, states and medical systems,
fite, scrap, and compete for medical supplies,
on the open market (laden with price gougers).
Consequently 100,000 Americans are ded.