10.22.20 He let it happen Part I

Despite what the critics and pundits say,
at the end of the day (after 3.5 years in office),
America is stymied, we have a ravaged economy,
33 million Americans were out of work last April,
the GDP dropped 35% in the 2nd quarter,
we had race riots looting (for the first time in decades) in May and June,
and we have 220,000 ded Americans.

Had he done his job,
all of this cood a bin avoided.
Countless lives cooda bin saved
(To whom do we entrust America to this time?)

Instead he played dumb,
and allowed disaster to inundate America
(and our dysfunctional government certainly didnt help)
(he cant even get along with Congress (the peeples representatives).

The bully opened the door for C19 (the travel ban),
and let C19 have its way, as it romped thru the states
(no containment, PPE shortages, no leadership).
(it took im 4 months to wear a mask,
so he had no fear of the virus (as if they knew eachother,
despite being in the vulnerable age group).

LA Times 4.19.20, since December,
"Trump delayed or bungled basic crucial steps
for containment and preparing the nation".

Trumps prior actions and bully in chief demeanor
stymied the governments ability to respond.
(the bully in chief ended an 11 year bull market).
Everybody tippy toed around the oval office.
Scarmucci "every body gets immobilized,
they dont know what their marching orders are".
5.17.20 Obama insinuates nobody knew what they were doing,
nobody waz in charge.

LA Times 4.19.20, Trump had
"distrust of the federal beauracracy"
"internal personality conflicts"
"lack of a formal policy making process"
"insisted on controlling the public message.
LA Times 4.19.20 "senior administration officials were rebuffed
who sot to warn Trump of the looming dangers".

Trump fired experience, know how (left and rite, and rite and left.
He got rid of 70 percent of the Emergency Mgmt Preparedness peeple.
Pandemic experts at the CDC were fired in 2018.
There was little experience to respond to the Emergency.

Obama's pandemic office waz shut down in 2018.
The 2014 Pandemic plan waz ignored by Trump
(other countries uzed the same plan and succeeded against C19).
LA Times 4.5.20 "the federal governments lack
of a coordinated response strategy"
LA Times 5.10.20 (rite after the month of deth, MOD, April)
"until the president findz a competent crisis manager,
the chaos of the last 3 months can only persist".

Scientific American June 2020
"the experts at the CDC shooda bin reddy
with planz and strategies for national and international coordination
for testing, for protection of front line workers,
There waz disarray everywhere.
State and local governments were in a panic."

LA Times 3.14.20, in 2018 Trump "shut down the office
set up to coordinate the governments response to a pandemic".

He defunded CDC programs that wood help the states fend off a pandemic.
He defunded CDC programs that wood help other countries fend off a pandemic.
He defunded the CDC's ability to fend off a pandemic.

LA Times 3.1.20 "cuts to the CDC have devastated
its epidemic control and prevention efforts".

So the CDC took a back seat to the CTF.
On 2.25.20 the CDC tried to initiate containment measures,
but Trump shut them up, had Pence run the CTF,
with strict orders to control the message.

So Trump knew the virus was dedly and contageous
(he said so himself on 2.7.20)
so he musta known of SARS history with a 10 percent kill rate.

Yet despite this, and all the government studies
stating we had a PPE shortage, and all the alerts
"this one is devastating" "millions cood die" "shut down Wuhan now"
he stops containment proceedings by the CDC,
and wants to control the message,
2.5 weeks before DDAY, the C19 invasion from Europe.

LA Times 4.19.20 "the Trump administration delayed or bungled
basic crucial erly steps in their containment procedures"
2 weeks before DDAY he sayz
(LA Timez 3.1.20) "no reazon ta panic (my little ones)
"the risk to the general public remains low"

The CDC waz making timely bad decisions
(and allowed Trump to push them around),

2.4.20 sending out bad test kits without quality control,
delaying the testing almost a month,
allowing themselves to be upstaged by Trump and the CTF,
and soon allowing the FDA allow anybody to do the testing

not controlling the quality of the testing,
(coincidentally rite after the C19 invasion from Europe
2 weeks before the month of deth, April).
After DDAY 3.11.20 containment was logistically impossible.

The CDC didnt even suggest a mask,
until 3 months after the first virus alert, on 1.3.20,
and they knew the virus was airborn and contageous
(Trump said so himself on 2.7.20)

Yet on 2.27.20 the CDC limits testing with the excuse
they didnt know the virus was highly contageous
(erly testing is necessary for containment).
LA Times 4.19.20 on 2.27.20 the CDC said "there was little initial recognition"
"that the virus cood be transmitted easily between humans."

So why wood the CDC lie just to limit the containment effort?
at a critical time, on 2.27.
They tried to initiate containment with shutdowns
2 days erlier, and the president stopped them. WHY?

This allowed the white house to issue a statement,
LA Times 4.19.20 "we had no true idea
the level of transmission or asymptomatic spred".
(Even the WHO confirmed the virus was highly contageous back on 2.28.20).

Then the president lies agane, when he said
(Daily News 3.1.20) "this is their new hoax" (referring to the democrats).
He tells the people its a hoax
2 weeks before a devastating C19 invasion from Europe
(an invasion he instigated with the travel ban).
2 weeks later 1000 people die per day. Sooon its 2000 per day.

4.19.20 La Times, Trump sed "the slo rate of testing waz not hiz fault"
(the delayer in chief, delayed the travel ban, delayed the national emergency,
delayed a PPE rescue that never came).
Trump "I dont take responsibility at all"
(he takes out our 1st line of defense and accepts no responsibility).

LA Times 3.15.20 "governors across the country
have bin pleading for weeks to declare a state of emergency
to give them needed flexibility to deploy helthcare resources."
"governors across the country have taken matters into their own handz
becoz Trump haz bin missin in action."

LA Times 3.7.20 "the testing needed to help stem the spred
remains below what is needed.
Helthcare workers across the state
are reporting widespred failures
in the response by local and federal government officials."

LA Times "the inability to test widely and swiftly
haz impeded the countries ability to beat back the spred."

Insted Trump boasts, we waz "flawless, like a well oiled machine"
(az if Big Oil haz somtin ta do wid this), "a 10 ouda 10" he boasted.
3.14.20 La Times, Trump "woodnt anser why he didnt set up test centers erlier".
3.29.20 La Times "lack of preparation
slowed the developement and distribution of test kits".
LA Times 3.14.20 "stark warnings from government scientists, and concerns
about the administrations sluggish approach to testing"

The white house apparently pretended to be infuriated
when the CDC sed "it waz inevitable that more Americans wood get the virus."
"the limited testing haz fueled intense criticism of the administration".

Later the CDC had health care workers drop their gard with inadequate PPE,
and made decisions that exposed healhtcare workers to more sickness.

He feuded with governors (while they pleaded for PPE)
while peeple were dying.
LA Times 3.28.20 Trump, "you know what I say,
if they dont treat you rite, I dont call"
"I want them to be appreciative"
LA Times 4.5.20 "desperate governors pleaded with Pence
to have FEMA" restore order to a chaotic market place, and save lives.

LA Times 3.28.20 "Trump dismissed calls
from governors and hospitals for ventilators"
"he had bin criticized for not acting sooner
az doctors from California to New York
have complained of shortages, threatening to cost lives"

LA Times 4.19.20, Trump "put the onus on the nations governors
to sholder the challenge and assume the blame"
(38000 ded Americans, after Trump didnt come thru
on a PPE rescue, and after he feuded rather than helped
State and local leaders, not to mention a lackluster containment effort,
and he wants the governors to assume the blame.)

LA Times 4.19.20 "Trump haz blamed the state governors
The WHO, China, Obama, ...... said the catastrophe waz unforeseeable"

(he fired the experts, shut down all those CDC programs,
shut down Obama's pandemic office,
left the Strategic National Stockpile bare,
ignored the government studies that said we had PPE shortages,
didnt provide PPE leadership to the states,
and he say's the catastrophe waz unforeseeable.

He musta known the virus cood be catastrophic
when he admitted how dangerous it waz on 2.7.20 to Woodward.
The loominosity was all there,
how cood he not put two and two together?)
LA Times 4.19.20
"Trump assailed governors on restrictions,
and said some governors overreached
their efforts to fite the Pandemic"
(he waz MIA and the reazon PPE shortages existed
yet he criticizes the states efforts to save lives")

3.14.20 three dayz after he instigated the C19 invasion from Europe,
Trumps excuse for not uzing his autority to control the PPE market
(which waz soon ripping off America during its moment in need,
while 2000 peeple were dying daily),
hiz excuse waz he's waiting for the Biz to kick in
(apparently the manufacture of PPE and medical supplies).

La Times 3.28.20 "until Friday Trump had said,
he didnt need to invoke hiz autority under the Defense Production Law
becoz biznesses were voluntarily retooling to make medical supplies".

(All thru the month of deth, MOD April,
shortages were so severe even nurses had scant or no protection.
so he never came thru on hiz PPE rescue promise.
It waz another smoke screen, to put tings off. )

LA Times 3.7.20 "one nurse with symptoms waznt tested
and waz told to wear the recommended protective gear."

La Times 3.29.20 "experts believe Trump cood speed delivery,
of MS PPE, insted states" compete on the market place.

La Times, Newsom "we have run into fraud"