10.22.20 He let it happen Part II

By DDAY 3.11.20 the government is stymied,
our 1st 2nd and 3rd lines of defense are gone
(any virus cooda walked rite in, let alone Corona).
Yet a month later (after 38000 Americans die) the white house issues a statement
LA Times 4.19.20 "Trump took bold action to protect Americans"
, and blames others (Obama, China, the WHO, the States).
LA Times "because of his bold leadership
we will emerge healthy stronger,
and with a prosperous economy".

Our leader is on vacation (but the people dont know it),
assuaging the public (before and after the invasion of 3.11.20)
Its ok little ones, nuttin ta see here, move along,
dont be concerned my little ones, it'll be over quick,
make a wish, click yor heels, and poof, it'll magically be gone.

(keeping the people at bay, so they wont complain
'where's all the emergency preparedness people!
'where's the CDC experts!
'where's the pandemic plan! as ordered by Obama! before he left office'
'where's the pandemic office that Obama created!'
'Why is the Strategic national Stockpile at one percent!
That's 8 billion dollars worth of PPE gone!
no wonder we have a shortage, and the prices are skyrocketing!'.
Even the nurses cant protect themselves! give us PPE!
hospitals and medical providers are in panic!
People are dying! ')

A month later America is shattered,
our economy is in shambles,
unemployment rivals the great depression of 1933,
and soon a sense of rebellion lingers in the air,
after rioting looting and anarchy hit the American scene,
with no sense of direction coming from Washington.

The people are tired frustrated and scared suspicious and paranoid
(Is this some sort of take over?
We have the best medical practitioners in the world,
and they coodnt contain Covid? somtins amiss.
Then the presidents over there prancing around with no mask,
like he knowz he cant get it).

We bin thru pandemics before, but nothing like this.
Even the pandemic of 1918 didnt breed anarchy,
and 50 million lost their lives.

2 months later, with 80,000 Americans ded,
he's boasting, we waz flawless, a 10 ouda 10,
"we're transitioning to greatness".
(America is topsy turvey, and we're transitioning to greatness).