10.22.20 He let it happen Part III

The SS is resorting to anything
to stop theze small ritings of mine.
They currently have me under sleep deprivation
(invoked with nodoze)
which progressively diminishes my riting abilities.

Even at the worst time, MOD (the month of deth,
when the curve waz spiking badly
(1000 Americans were dying per day,
soon it waz 2000 per day),

S&LG (State and Local governments)
were frantically in a panic (due to PPE shortages)
trying to scrounge up medical supplies
in the open market
(laden with opportunists, price gougers, fraud),

pleaded with Trump for direction and leadership,
to calm the waters of chaos confusion desperation and panic,
and what does Trump say "the government is not a shipping clerk".

Others complained, there's a "lack of national leadership",
there's "no coordinated strategy".

Governors were on their knees pleading for PPE
(to save lives), and Trump feuds with them,
calling one governor a snake, and in one case said
somtin like, if they dont show appreciation I dont call.
The governors plead to have FEMA run tings, and Pence says NO.

On 4.19.20 with 38000 ded Americans
(2000 Americans are dying per day),
he tells one of hiz lies "the number of cases
are going very substantially down".

The cat is ouda the bag,
everybody see's looming disaster,
people are out of work, businesses are shut down,
the people are in panic mode,
and he's still assuaging the public
(it'll be over quick my little one, the NFL will open).

Back in March, Project Airbridge
waz suppose to be the PPE life saver,
but Trump waz mum on their PPE distribution and finances.

In erly March he said he waz waiting for the BIZ to kick in
(the apparent manufacture of PPE),
yet in April S&LG were in panic mode
bidding againse eachother for PPE.

So back in March he kept putting the S&LG off
the hospitals and medical providers,
(as if waiting for MOD (the month of deth, April).

He certainly predicted the spike on 4.5.20
"Theres gonna be alotta deth".
"the country cood reopen by easter" (4.12)

The white house even predicted the surge
rite after the 3.11.20 C19 invasion.

LA Times 3.29.20 "we will win dis war" we will win dis war quickly"
weeks later he boasts, we waz flawless, a 10 ouda 10.