LOG 8.24.2022 ==========================================

It was tugboat Vulcan that saved Titanic
from near disaster by helping avert a collision
with the SS New York City (NY city was the destination),
as Titanic embarked on its maiden voyage on 4.10.1912,
from South Hampton England.

The Vulcan (Roman God) festival is on 8.23 (yesterday).
Coincidentally 8 is also 40 on the clock,
and the Titanic was struck at 2340.

So yesterday, the SS viciously acid tortured me for 2 hours,
staged a HIT, and hit me with biological warfare.
I was on my nee's saying my nitely prayers,
under torture.

Since 6.27 (when the SS tried to put me on the streets),
the SS has targetted my Kidney area (as if to kill).
Just 4 days ago, the SS poisoned me after a marathon
(when the body is in recovery mode).
Before the run, the SS had access to me for 3 hours (at nite),
plenty of time to tamper with vital parts.

When I sent the FBI a tipper (last wk),
the SS tried to hit me with a car,
acid tortured me,
and sent a HIT at me in the market
(I had to side step the guy).

It also seems the SS is erasing voicemails,
and the suspicion is there that they do the same
with any emails,
typical of a quarantine.

On the 12th, the SS attackd my laptop
(cracked the screen),
dropping its functionality by 30%.
The Titanic sank in 1912.

Also Vulcan was the God of Fire and Metalurgy,
and Titanic was all steel,
and a fire raged on (below deck), for the entire voyage,
until the 14th (the fire was extinguished at exactly 1400),
and the ship was hit on the 14th,
on the 47th anniversary of the Lincoln assassination.

Doz 47 mean "for seven"?.
G (a Mason symbol) is the 7th letter.
JFKs Limo plates was GG300.

JFK was shot next to the Stemmons freeway sign (route 77),
and some say Dealey plaza is shaped like two 7's (one is reversed).

The 14th was when Bush 1st visited the 9.11 site,
and Mckinley was shot on the 14th, and so was Lincoln.

Robert E Lee was fatally ill 14 days,
and so was J.P. Morgan (who seemed to hate J.D. Rockefeller.

So the number 14 appears symbolic.