LOG 8.27.2022 ==========================================

DR Len Horowitz (DR H) rote "Pirates of the sacred spiral" in 2004.
In the video DOC (documentary) he gets religious,

which seems contrary to the WRO (world order)
(athiests, fiendish, wicked beyond reproach),
bent on genocide, population control
(with state run tv, mind control, and propaganda).

DR H also interviewed with George Noory.

The DOC video was taken off the menu,
after it started IDing who the WRO was.

DR H spoke of Aides in NY in the 80's,
toxic vaccines, that give rise to auto immune desease,
jet fuel (chem trails) and aluminum oxide,
that his sister got crippling rheumatoid arthritis,
after getting a Hepatitus B vaccine,

that the Rockefellers run the propaganda machine,
that the WRO run all the hospitals
(execution chambers, my suspicion),

that our DNA serves as a spiritual connection to the creator.
It just goz on and on, and then whack, the video is off line.