LOG 9.15.2022 ==========================================

As an example,
The SS now has me part crippled (and prey to the HITz),

after assalting my ankle (twice today using MKU).
Suddenly I was limping and hobbling around,
like I was on the gridiron.

This is after they staged a HIT at my window 3 times (since last Saturday).

The first time,
the HIT seemed intent on inciting me first,
by putting pieces of trash on my windshield.

The HIT then stoks me to my next spot,
and plops a large trash item on the hood
(I started tinkin of Marjorie Taylor Green,
since she calls people trash).

3 days later, the same HIT is at my window agane.

So the SS (as the new owners)
seems to be pulling all the stops
(as if to hang on to the seeker at all costs)
("dey muss not meet! I don care if it 140 degrees"),

after the heat wave apparently prompted the seeker
to help me out.

After my 3 nites at the motel,
the SS resorted to forceful means,
to get me to leave spots I frequented in the past,

by attacking the van repeatedly
(sending me ouda town twice in 6 days, to fixit).

They even stranded me over nite
in the market lot, last sunday.

Two nites ago, they blocked off the north wall
(the area I park),
with about 10 RTMs (road trubble makers).
Apparently somebody expected to find me there.

And the SS is thretnin to put me on the streets for good.