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and the characters are fictional)
June 3rd 2022, Additions June 7th, updates June 8th

MCGS.a Edited version.
This story is absolute fiction

June 3rd 2022,
The Pentagon, DOD Investigative Unit, RING G


General Misfire peering across a large conference table
'Who's doing this?
The General shouts 'Who's doing this!
They have brot shame and dishonor!
to the people who serve this great nation!

General Rite 'A group who calls themselves the SS, sir
Rigger 'Sir they consider this pillage and plunder
General Misfire with fire in his eyes, calmly says
'Are we under attaK? have we bin invaded?
The General remains silent, then shouts
'Who the hell is the freaking SS!

Dustpan 'Nobody knows for sure sir,
some say the Shadow Govt.
They cood be the Masons, others say the Illuminatti,
others the Klan, we dont know for sure?

Hotwire 'The fact they seem to have involved
one of their own, to save the Company, from future disaster,
or rather save the Shadow Government.

General Misfire stares back as if dismayed then says
Tony is that much of a thret to these people?
Hotwire 'Appears so Sir.
His reserch is so much a thret to their well being,
that he's bin tortured, terrified, used and abused.

He had his brain turned into burger meat,
theyv yanked his limbs crippling him
(one time they left im crawling on the floor).
(one time he cood barely walk, when Trump visited the area
surveying the fire damage,
like a General visiting the devastated aftermath of a fierce battle).
They almost broke his neck,
after he poked fun at Trump,
about bobbing his hed like a gangster.

They tried to run his van into the lake, in reverse,
rite before Christmas,
theyv hit im with every type of warfare,
chemical, biological, psychological, laser.

During Covid, they wood stalk im with people who had it.
They tried to hit im by car many times.
They tried to run im over like road kill.

They tried to drive im nuts, at least 20 times.
They were so incensed last year 2021,
that they stopped his Christmas KD (karate donce)
(a 15 year tradition) (they took everyting he had,
so thats all he had left, and they took that away).

Before all this, they took away his house, his condo,
his corvette, his 240z, his 289 mustang,
his 420SL Mercedez,

After they made him homeless,
they wood attak his home (the van)
to punish im financially, if he rote the rong ting.

As an example in 2016 when Trump was runnin,
they attakd his van to the tune of like 5K dolla.
The next year they tried to put im on the streets
rite before Christmas. The next year they staged a HIT
in the ded of nite (slashed his tire, ordered him out).
This was like on the OJ anniversary.
This was after the SS gave im the tumbs down.

Yet there he is, still standing,
ritin, ritin, ritin,
trying to report these numbskulls.

General Misfire 'all this becoz of his reserch?
Hotwire 'Sir, he must be reserching the Shadow Government,
for all this abuse to come raining down on one guy.
Its all retaliation, torture punishment for his reserch.
If you mess with the Mason's, theyl getcha back.

It goes back to the Biblical "eye for an eye".
So you have two I's, II, for the World Trade Center.
JD's company was busted up based on sect II,
of the Sherman Anti Trust Act.

II also means the number 11 and 23.
The Titanic was hit at 2340.
JFK was 23 when Dealey Plaza was bilt in 1940.
Then he's shot 23 years later.
Then there's the 9.11 terrorist strike,
and it goes on and on. The Pandemic began on 3.11.

Dustpan 'Tonys reserch has suggested,
time and time again,
that J.D. Rockefeller
was possibly indirectly involved
in the sinking of the Titanic.

So guess what happens,
just last May, starting around mid May,
the SS tries to Gillotine Tony.

Sandbag 'If they were trying to drive Tony nuts,
it was probably on propaganda (lies, half truths, exaggerations,
like Trump ran his administration).
I cood be rong.
Propaganda is typically a pack of lies,
to brain wash the intended target.

Hotwire So Mid May 5.15.1911, the day,
JD's company, Standard OIL, was busted up into 34 pieces,
they try to drive Tony nuts, in retaliation,
for trying to connect JD with the Titanic disaster,
the JFK HIT, 9.11, maybe even Hitler,
and all his other conspiracy theories,
like the Bilderbergs and the VOC,
and the British East India Company.

Dustpan 'JD also went nuts in 1892 at age 53,
and blamed it on the world (according to a Tony theory).
Thus you have JFK (married in 1953)
thrust into the hot seat,
especially in the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis.
Krushchev was like (I gonna blow y'all up).
The next year JFK's assassinated in frona
the John Neeley Bryan pergola
(Bryan also went insane).

So about 10 years after he apparently went nuts,
JD started funding reserch into Eugenics, racial purity.
He started funding the bad boys (the Klan, Hitler in th 1920's).
His successors, quite possibly perfected mind control.
The suggestion was they were out to get people,
for what happened to JD in 1892.

Hotwire 'Thus around mid May, they try to drive Tony nuts
Rigger 'Thats when the MCGS went to work
General Misfire 'The MCGS?
Hotwire 'The Mind Control Goon Squad, also known as the MCU,
connected to a project called MK Ultra.

General Misfire 'Oh yes, MK Ultra,
the CIA project of the 60's.
Now they do tings like descend en masse on a target,
sort of take over his world". I know them well,
they like to mess with people, after they drug them.
Their ability to wage psychological warfare
has proliferated with air wave chatter.

Hotwire 'Well they're involved sir, in the RING.
They soften up the target, for the RING masters,
using brain washing techniques.
Dustpan 'what doz this have to do with Tony?
Hotwire 'They were using the Ring
as part of their psy war (using airwave chatter).

Hotwire 'The point being General,
is the RING retaliated for Tonys reserch.
Jawbraker 'Why wood they care, about anything but money?
Hotwire 'Becoz they anser to the Shadow govt
who hate Tonys guts, for his resrch
on the Titanic, on the JFK HIT, on 9.11,
on JD Rockefeller, on the Klan.
They acted as an instrument of torture.

General Misfire 'How exactly do they drive people nuts?
Dugout 'Its classified, but I'll talk anyway.
Theres a Black Ops program called the Gillotine,
whose intent is to coz mental instability, disharmony,
schizophrenia, paranoia, psychosis,
and even drive a target nuts, or batty, or edgy, neurotic.

Hotwire 'The RING and the MCGS, employ the program,
to soften up their employees.
Or if lets say, an employee quits,
they'll use the program to taint their image,
with mental instability,
so as to not be credible,
if they decided to shoot their mouth off, on lets say the RING.

Their employees drink, shoot up, and snort,
so theyr vulnerable to begin with,
theyr like brain wash bait.

General Misfire 'So its brainwashing'
Hotwire 'First the Gillotine, to coz susceptibility,
then the brainwashing, then the manipulation, programming,
and mind control.

Its a form of kidnapping.
After they graduate, they become assassins,
like Oswald, Sir Han, hinckly, etc.
or do the bidding of the SS, or in this case the nasty RING.

Dustpan 'By the way, RFK was shot at the Ambassador,
becoz his dad was British Ambassador in 1940,
when he did the British rong, and badmouthed the Jews,
sort of siding with Hitler on their disposition.
Thats why they picked Sir Han.

General Misfire 'What exactly did they do to Tony?
Hotwire 'They employed the Gillotine.
This involved Nerve gas (which attaks the brain),
the H drug (this wood be any mind altering substance
(LSD Heroin mushrooms Coke Meth Weed),
sleep deprivation (at times severe DEP,
keeping you awake beyond yor limits).

They beat the brain to a pulp (with concussions, electroshoks),
pump the brain with chemicals (at strategic locations).
They use laser warfare, sound waves, you name it.

They use psychological warfare (terror, intimidation,
pressure tactics, harassment, stalking etc).

They also use the other psychological warfare.
This wood be the classified type (using the air waves).
They deluged Tony day and nite (while his brain was hamberger meat
from the attaks mentioned above).

All this, just in time for mid May
to retaliate for Tonys Reserch on JD Rockefeller
(who's company Standard OIL was busted up on May 15th).

When Trump became dictator in 2017,
he exclaimed "Big Oil is back!",
so there seems to be a connection to Big Oil.
You mess with JD and you seem to mess with the Masons.
You mess with Big Oil, and you seem to mess with the Masons.

Hotwire You will never believe how far we've come,
with brain wave technology,
thanks to reserch sponsored by the mad man

(during his day, he was the filthy richest man in the world,
and cood fund Institutes in Germany in the 1920's,
like the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute on Eugenics,
which influenced Hitlers crazy ideas).

CementSo in Tonys case, the price was the Gillotine,
for writing what he doz best.
If you read Mason texts, they talk about beheadings,
heads on a stik, decapitations.