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and the characters are fictional)
June 3rd 2022, Additions June 7th, updates June 8th Edited 6.28.2022

This is only half the story,
and its absolute fiction

June 7th 2022,
The Pentagon, DOD Investigative Unit, RING G


Boss 'Little sucka deserv what he geet
He always messin wid the Masons.
I figger it about time.
He like a little chiwawa always barkin at a pit bull,
ar ar ar, ar ar ar
General Rite 'Shut up!
Jigger 'A chiwawa barking at a Trex

General Rite Lets continue the testimony where Tony was assalted sexually
The Boss bursts out in lafter
General Rite 'Whats so funny?

Waterfall 'Its part of MK Ultra sir, mind control'
The SS have the ability to control people like robots.
Its similar to a kid with a toy car controlled remotely.
Just press a few buttons and off it goes.

Boss 'So Tony a robot?
Waterfall 'To a certain extent yes. We all are.
Or rather the SS can turn anybody into a night crawler'

Horn 'We suspect implants at strategic locations
of the brain, and the use of Brain wave tech,
the SS can induce anybody to sleep walk (open the door,
let them in, and interact), however the target is unaware
of anything, since he's technically still asleep.

General Rite 'So he cood be sexually assalted,
and not know who when how or why'
Dustpan 'Lets be realistic,
who wood wanna force Tony to do the Jigawig.
The Boss bursts out in lafter

General Rite 'how was Tony assalted while he was sleep walking?
Dustpan 'According to the SS, everything is fully functional
during this induced state, except mentally Tony was still sleeping.

So he wood look like a zombi, staring strait ahed,
while the customers had their way with him.
Dubble cross 'Customers?
Hotwire 'I assume they were female, paying like 30K a session.
And no, Tony never got a dime. He just awoke with his abilities gone.

Hotwire 'and of course the bottom line,
was to keep Tony ouda the game sexually.
Boss 'Heee heee what? He gettin 30k a pop
Hotwire 'The Ring figgered if they gonna keep Tony draned
(for 2 weeks), they mite as well cash in on it'
The Boss starts laffing and says 'Jou guys are crazy

General Rite 'there musta bin witnesses
RodIron 'A limo pulls up,
soon a zombi crawls ouda a white van.
The Ring escorts the zombi into the Limo,
strips im bare, and he's attakd by older females.
So there were no witnesses to the actual crime,
no outside witnesses.
Hotwire 'older and yunger'
Th older were the ones that paid.
By now the hole room is laffing, giggling, and chuckling.