(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)
July 4th 2022, this story was ritten under torture (only 2 hours sleep).

This story is absolute fiction

July 4th 2022, Camp Pendleton,
Marine Combat Training Batallion


Rusty yells at the 40 recruits,
as they crawl thru ruff terrain,
while explosives randomly rattle the ground
like minor earth quakes

'Happy 4th of July,
you buncha turds! keep yor heds down!
Joker! Hey Joker! Yor ded! you just got yor hed blown off!

Mean while Warrent officer Jones watching from a distance,
'So whasup with Tony balogny?
Brick 'Whats he Italian?

Boss 'heee heee why?
Little sucka is stupid
Shutter 'Only 2 hours sleep'll make anybody stupid.

Judd 'According to rumors, Richy is the real deal.
He's no lie, like Tony thot.
Crib 'Everyting you herd about Richy,
shood be construed as true

Boss 'Whacha talkin abou Crib?
Crib 'The SS nockd Tony ouda the way,
then Richy runz off with the Goodies.
Richenbacher 'Goodies as in what?

Crib 'The Seeker who else.
You don no who the Seeker is?
Everybody knows, I mean not the identity,
but when the word Seeker is mentioned
we know what Tony talkin about.
Boss 'Now I confuze

Billyclub 'Plus the SS is always blocking the news
Boss 'How you block the news?
Grub 'Its easy, just mute Tonys radio,
thats his only access to the news.
They do it allot dese days.
So if somtin big appens, Tony ain gonna know.

Richenbacher 'So Richy ran off with the Goods?
Wetpaint 'Like last May.
The guys like a running back,
first they block Tony out,
then fly thru the hole in the lineup.

Boss 'Dey block TTTTTTTTTTony out?
Wetpaint Sabotaged his capabilities for 2 hole weeks,
while Richy made his move
Richenbacher Capabilities as in
Grub 'You know, his procreation abilities,
first they were pumpin im with drugs,
then they decided to keep him draned for 2 weeks.

Warrant officer Jones 'Thats enuff!
So what happened this time? Last week.
Wetpaint 'It got worse.
The SS tried to put Tony on the streets,
not once, but twice in 5 days,
in time for the July 4th weekend, then staged a HIT.

Richenbacher Tony's omeless?
Smartap 'Dude lives in a van, bin there since 2006'
Take out the Van, and the guys walking the streets.
He uses his van for command and control.

Richenbacher 'the streets? that is ruthless
Smartap 'the guys a tech expert, has a science degree,
and a graduation speeker, and they tried to put im on the streets.
Wetpaint The SS has tried, at least 10 times, since 2006.

Grub Then for the July 4th weekend,
the SS is hittin Tony with bribes, 5m going once, going twice.
Boss Heee heee, you dudes are cwazy

Grub Well then Tony shood republish
the full stories on Richy.
Wetpaint 'Come on he's going on SS propanganda,
and there always lying to the guy, and always blocking the news,
so he never no's which end is up.

Grub 'The ting about Tony, is he assumes the worst'
I say republish the full stories.
Come on, they tried to put im on the streets.
What kinda sh..... is that? Just to get im ouda the way?
Dudes wakeup. Whack! OK boys get er!
The Masons are too much.

Boss Heee heee heee
Wetpaint You didn hear it from me,
but the rumor on the streets, is they wanna share
Richenbacher 'share what?
Wetpaint 'the rumor is, there the real kidnappers.