(The following information reflect the opinions of Stilldigging.com
and the characters are fictional)
July 18th 2022, the SS haz me under attak, like a pimp marking his territory.

This story is absolute fiction

Sunday July 17th 2022, West Virginia,
a suburb in Charleston, General Rimhousers estate.
A little barbecue with his frenz.


Boss barking out loud
'Little sucka! whe my sausages!
Dusty 'thats yor tenth one
Boss 'Sparky droppin dem down duh hatch
like that chestnut guy. He wanz anoda Bud lite.

Dusty 'He's a dog'.
Boss So, pour it in heez bowl.
Dusty 'If he gets messed up,
I dont wan im goin off on people.
Boss 'Heee heee heee.

General Rimhouser comes walkin by,
and the boss stiks his foot out,
sending the General flying into the bushes.

Genral Rimhouser 'Oooooo oooooo, where am I'

Poker on a lawn chair says 'These dudes are smashed.
Suddenly Nocker grabs a seat Man they really working Tony over
Smashed 'Who is?
Nocker 'The RING, they made like 300K on the guy.
Greaser 'No man, more like 500K.

Boss pops in 'Why TTTTTTTTTTony nnnneva repote dat
Greaser The RING is tricky.
After Tony reported the last sexual assalt by the SS,
they got smot.
Boss Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Nocker 'They come in under Tonys radar.
He sets the alarm, and they make sure they have im back
before the alarm sounds off.

So they having im do tricks inside a 2 hour window.
Boss 'Ha ha ha ha ha ! a guy doin tricks, like a dog.

Nocker 'Sometimes they reset the clocks,
turning a 2 hour window into 3 hours.

Boss Why TTTTTTTTTTony stoop so low?
Greaser 'Read MCGS 2c' They do it while he sleeps.
He sleep walks into the Limo, and they jump on im. Read it.

Nocker 'They done it so many times, the last 2 months
the guys tink, they wearing it out
Smashed 'Wearing what out?.
Boss Heee heee heee, you stupid, dude.

Nocker Not Tony, that dont wear out.
Its the viagra. They pump im up everytime.
Greaser Yeah, theres side effects
(if you keep using that stuff) on the vision, hearing, heart.
You cood get a stroke, it induces low blood pressure,
and yes, the drug will wear it out.

Boss 'dat insane dude.
Poker 'I'm glad I aint Tony. Can you imagine.
Nocker 'It fits rite into the scheme,
of keeping Tonys abilities sabotaged,
in case the seeker shows up.

Runner Its bin like 4.5 months,
come on alreddy. The SS has to be lying.
Boss The dudes ain lying. Not abou dat.
Rite now dey marking dere territory like a buncha pimps,
trettining Tony "vee beat u up, sssstay out".
We duh new owna's.

Greaser Freak me, they steal the guys wife,
and now they the new owners.
Boss Dey neva met

Nocker 'Yeah, she sot Tony first, not them
General Rimhouser pops in 'And we beat im to the draw
Greaser ' yeah using the powers of govt.
Its like trying to win in Vegas, nobody beats the government,
they have all the aces.

Greaser 'the Boss is rite,
4 months under the MCGS, they got her mind by now.
Thats what they do. Its like kidnapping.
The MCGS must have er.

Smashed Who's the MCGS
Nocker The Mind Control Goon Squad.
They use the full powers of government,
dossiers, 24 hour surveillance, stalking,
classical conditioning, terror, MK Ultra,
psychological warfare.
Read MCGS 1 and 2.


Tirade Its the freaking Masons! She's their slave
Suddenly Boxer shows up Everybodys a slave dude.
Its bin like that since the Anunnaki.
Smashed You mean the Reptilians, theze dudes never die

Theyre in cahoots with the Illuminatti.
I hear they got big plans for us
Boss I tot it was duh Masons
Boxer Same difference dude, theyr all united.
I heard that Trump was suppose to be their coming out party,
back in 2017

Boss Heee heee, so wha appen
General Rimhouser Classified, classified,
y'all shut yor traps, Now!
Boss Heee heee heee

Nocker Is it true they can assume human form at will?
General Rimhouser Shuuuuut up!

Boss So wha wez a talkin abou?
Nocker 'Tony balogny
Smashed What is he Italian?
Nocker Workin im over good.

If the seeker shows up, all theyl be able to do is talk
Boss Heee heee heee, abou wha?
Nocker Then a few days ago, on Apollo 11 day
Boxer Wasnt he an archer?
Boss Heee heee so

Boxer Well wasnt JFK shot on the 9th sign,
the sign of the Archer
He was also trettnd 9 days before he was shot.
Not only that. The Bilderbergs 1st ever meeting,
was 9 years before he was shot.

And guess what day they met
Boss I give up
Boxer On JFKs 37th Birthday
Genertal Rimhouser What the freak
doz that have to do with nothin.

Nocker So a few days ago,
Tony was spoutin off some news comedy in his van
Greaser The mans in prison,
that virtual incarceration ting,
who cood he be spoutin to?

Nocker Us, who else
He trys out his new stuff on us.
So he mentions the purported govt prostitution ring,
and the SS goze bezerk, beating up on the guy,
with their entire arsenal of secret warfare.
wack wack, wack wack wack, wack.

Greaser He says this in the privacy of his own van,
and they beat up on im.
Boss Little sucka don no
when ta ta ta keep his mouth shut.
He always shootin it off.

Nocker In one case they staged a ped
General Rimhouser What the freak is a ped?
Nocker code word for pedestrian accident attempt.
They were trying to empty his bank account
with a bodily injury lawsuit.

Greaser And stop all his research?
Nocker plus he'd have to do Telemarketing again
"you wanna buy? click "come on" click "please" click.
Can you imagine doin that 40 hours every week.

Boxer Plus they use the TM rooms,
as a platform for HIT attempts,
since the rooms get allota ex cons and gangers.
Greaser I pity the customers

Nocker Then that same day, moon day,
they tried to smash into Tonys van, on his blind side.
They next day, a brand new Mercedez. uses trickery,
trying to force a collision.

Then after doin wack omania the last 2 days,
the SS gives Tony two thumbs down.
Greaser Two? instead of one?
Two is symbolic of the seeker.


Caser whispers to the General
'so General, two thumbs down?
General Rimhouser One for emphasis
We bin fair and square with him,
offering one deal after another,
but nooooooo he has to be an ass.

Caser General, Tonys a Christian,
he doznt tink the way we do.
General Rimhouser Thats not my problem!
Caser He'll never turn a blind eye
to a kidnap victim.

General Rimhouser She was never kidnapped!
We won fair and square as can be
Caser You call using the powers of govt
fair and square! She was brainwashed, was she not?.

General Rimhouser Thats classified
Boxer Classified so you all can gratify yorselves.
yor all blobs of scum!
Yor all married aintcha.
You freaking low lifers.
You shood all bow down in shame. NOW! Bow down!

General Rimhouser Get ouda here now!
before I throw you out! and I wont be nice about it.

The Boss walks Boxer out
Jou no Boxer, dere mo to dis den meet duh eye'
Dere allotta money at stake here
Boxer How much money?

Ramshackle joins in Millions dude, millions
Thats how they can afford to make a deal
So you see its absolutely necessary that they keep Tony
ouda the loop. They cant let people bust in on the party,
and just grab er for a wife. See what I mean.

What good is she if she married with a buncha monsters
runnin around.

Walking back RamShackle asks Bustup
So thats why the SS bin beating up on Tony
the last few days? becoz he refused to deal.

Bustup Refused to take a bribe.
RamShackle he turned down 5 million? and he's homeless.
Bustup More like 10 million
Boss dat insane dude.
I'd be in Cabo by now. Condo in Aspen. Heee heee, heee heee

Bustup Theyr trying to beat im into submission
shoving acid down his throte,
shoving Bio warfare down his throte.

On 7.16 he mentions the ring,
and they tried to put im on the streets,
with a car mashup attempt.

Nocker Tony saw er first
Bustup Thats neither here nor there.
That was yesterdays reality. Things have changed.
These people will fite tooth and nail
for whats at stake here.
And they have the power to do it.

Boss TTTTTTTTTTony saw er?
Bustup figure of speech
Then also on 7.16 they did the PED ting,
where the objective was to empty his savings,
send im back into the workforce,
so he woodnt have time to rite what he's riting now.

Boss Dat allota stuff on Moon day.
Bustup Two nites earlier
they tried to fibrilate im to death as he slept.

Nocker They were also doin somtin to his side,
every nite, not too long ago
Boss Dey was pobably injecting a long needle
to duh danger zone.
Bustup what danger zone
Boss Jou know, his pride and joy.
Dat pobably how dey sabotaging his abilities down unner.

Bustup They probably did a medical procedure,
to take out the competition
Boss If millions are at at at ssssstake,
anybody wood do dat
Bustup especially if they were paid off
"here's a Ben Franklin, for doin a great job".

Boss So wha wha wha else
Bustup They were also threatening the guy
(we'll beat you up, if you even talk to er)
(they'll beat you up, if you see er").
Then 2 days ago, they give Tony two thumbs down,
then threatend to cripple im.

They did it before, like back in 2016 when Trump was running,
Tony was publishing 9.11 theories, so the SS crippled im,
by yanking his legs beyond their limit.

Even back in 2000, they crippled the guy so bad,
he was crawling around the house, like an injured spider.
This was after he dropped off a thousand reports in DC.

Then back in 2018, they crippled Tony
the same day Trump showed up in Cali,
to survey the fire devastation, like a victorious general.

Monday July 18th 2022, The Pentagon

Rear Admiral Stormer exits a meeting at room 3D421,
and walks briskly with a briefcase in hand,
while Special Operations Command, commander Smokey,
walks toward the Admiral.

They both exchange salutes, then Commander Smokey
calls out to the Rear Admiral, upon passing.
Oh Jimmy, some party huh, at Rimhousers.

As Smokey approaches, the Rear Admiral says
Yeah I heard, big argument with Boxer.
Freaking Renegade....

By now Smokey is in Stormers face,
and the Rear Admiral, quickly feels threatened.

Smokey 'They make the guy homeless,
they take away his 2 homes,
they take away his automobiles,
they take away his posessions,
they enslave the guy, most of his life,
then he meets the love of his life,
Stormer They never met

and they take that away,
then they take out his final posession!
his leaker!

Stormer stares back as if in contemplation,
then says
I just work here Smokey,
do my job like a nice little boy.
The big bad military juggernaut
has a life of its own.
Orders are given, and down the chain of command it goes.
Like when JFK was assassinated.
Nobody no's who gave the order, or why, or when,
but it was carried out, like a cog in some big machine.

Smokey stares back, as if in contemplation,
then suddenly has Stormer in a choke hold,
and keeled over looking down.

Smokey You Freaking ##@!@## ##$@#$!,
who ordered the HIT on Tony! Tell me! Tell me now!
before this gets worse!

Within seconds 3 MP's have Smokey on the ground,
in restraining holds.

Stormer, picking up his medals, says
We dont do that here Smokey. Do we look like the Mafia?

Smokey screaming as the MP's haul im away
I will personally @###$ %%%$#@ &%@@!,
you freaking @##$% $#$$@2@!!!!!'

MP 1 whispers to MP 2 dude looks familiar
MP 2 He's ouda Fort Bragg,
thats one $$#@#$%$# you dont wanna mess with.
He's bin in more bar fites than combat duty.
Some say he goes to bars to stay fit.
Of course he always shows mercy,
otherwise he'd be on death row by now.

And guess what,
the Rear Admiral leads 20 Seal platoons.

MP 1 So they sent the Navy Seals at Tony
Suddenly the Boss shows up drunk,
yelling expletives at the MPs,
for dragging Smokey by his feet.


Later At the Brig
Smokey The guys just a story teller,
and they called a HIT?

Cell mate Johnson Allotta money at stake.
Smokey Tony doznt even no nobody.
doznt even no where the Ring operates out of

Boss I toll the sucka ta shuddup.
Little sucka always shooting off his trap.
Somebody shood slap the sucka aroun'