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and the characters are fictional)
September 10th 2022, the SS controls my sexuality?
for nefarious reasons?

This story is absolute fiction

Saturday September 10th 2022
an SS meeting at an undisclosed location.


The Boss is arm wrestlin one a the brothers,
and has im down in less than a second.

The assembly roars in lafter.

Blindfold 'you cheater,
you were bracing yorself with yor leg.
Boss heee heee so
At lease I ain a kidnappa
jou jou brain washa, scum

Immediately Blindfold lunges at the Boss
and just as quickly,
the Boss has Blindfold kissing the table

While blindfold squirms under the choke hold
the Boss says
'whe eese she! Tell me now,
so I don hurt jou.

Suddenly General Hightower bursts into the room
and yells
Atten Hut!
The Boss hesitates for 3 seconds,
then stands tall with the rest of them.

General Hightower gradually makes his way to the Boss
until he's face to face with the Boss..
The General stares at the Boss for 5 seconds, as if amused,
by a man who served 10 tours in Afghanastan,
and never missed his family.

General Hightower It looks like we have two numnuts
doin their own ting. Maybe we shood let them continue
their love affair in the boys room.
The whole assembly bursts out in lafter

Genral Hightower is suddenly yelling again
I want both of you to give me 200 pull ups!
If you succeed I wont throw you in the brig!
The Boss is smirking becoz he knows he cood do it.
General Hightower Is that clear!
Boss Yes sir!

General Hightower to the rest, says
As you were and leaves.
After the door shuts,
the assembly bursts out in lafter

The boss downs a bud lite as if in triumph
then goze 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
then slams the bottle on the wooden table

drunky speaking of 'ahhhhhhhh'
I hear the tyranny banned Tonys sexuality
The assembly roars in lafter like a buncha pirates

Sparrow 'Correction, the RRRRRRRRing did it,
for nef nef nef ari ous reasons, which qui i i i te frrra n kly
I ain allow to say'

Spare change for the money! its always for the booty
The assembly roars in lafter
Spare change take for example the kidnapping
of of of ......
Blindfold We beat Tttttttttony to the punch,
we won fair and square
assembly roars in lafter

Sparrow 'Who who who TTTTTTTTTony cccccon sssida he is
sssssssssta a a a ndin up aginst a a a TTTTTTyriny

Spare change anyways, it was for the money,
its always for the money
Boss 'wha jou mean it fffffo duh money,
TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTony bwoke an an an omeless.

tinderbox How do you ban somebodys sexuality?
The assembly roars in lafter
Girny Theyr keepin Tony drugged down under, day and nite
Blindfold There's a drug for that?
The assembly roars in lafter

Boss How you dwug TTTTTTTTTTTTTony day an nite
Girny MKU, stanz for MK Ultra,
The CIA mind control program of the 50's and 60's.
In this particular case,
they shut him off, by remote control.
Read MCGS 2.c.
With MKU they cood have im sleep walk, let them in,
do tings, like perform Ring acts.

Sparrow Now thi i i i s, I mmmmmmussst ssssssssee
Boss Wha eese a a a Ring act?
The assembly roars in lafter
Girny You know, like a trick, like the street walkers,
except its a controlled environment.

Sparrow 'ssssssstreet wa haaaa kker? MMMMMy woooord
Girny Tonys sleep walking, so he's not awake,
yet thru MKU they have him doin tricks for money,
while in a sleep state.
The boss bursts out in lafter
'That is crazy dude

John tricks on the streets?
Girny No, its a controlled environment.
A limo pulls up nex to Tonys van, Tony is summoned,
he climbs in, and tings appen

Boss I confused. The Tyranny ban TTTTTTony sexually,
yet dey ave im doin tricks
Girny Thats the whole purpose of the ban,
so he wont mess aroun until the next trick.
They always wan im sturdy reddy.

Sparrow SSSSSSSo he he he he cccccan t
ssssssssee ano ano anothur wommman
Thot eeeeese abssssssurd

By now the assembly is rolling ouda their seats in lafter
lefty Oh I get it, they wanna keep Tony down,
until its time.
Boss Time fo wha?

Blindfold They also do it to quell the competition,
just in case Tony is found.
"oh no, whats this, I dunno what happened, look"
Girny Then when its time, they pump Tony up with Viagra