More on the Pandemic

Updated 4.13.2020.
Webster defines Corona as (something suggesting a crown, like the sun's corona, surrounding a luminous body).
In 2011 the State shut down a Med program, designed to fight against a pandemic.
(3 mobile hospitals, each the size of a football field). The yearly maintenance cost was almost 6 million, out of a 129 Billion dollar budget.

Updated 3.31.2020.
Covid 19 is genetically similar to SARS (according to the newz). Why can't we use the SARS vaccine?
In 2016 we had Russian meddling, now we have Covid 19 meddling.
Covid 19 hits 19 years after 9.11.
A micro pic of the virus Covid 19, resembles the zodiac clock calendar.
Covid 19 hits 100 years after the Spanish Flu, which ended in 1920.
Covid 19 shows up at the height of the Trade talks, and attacks China first.
CNN sayz Covid 19 has cost the world economy 7 Trillion.
Covid 19 ends an 11 year Bull Market.
Covid 19 was declared a pandemic on 3.11

Newz Pic shows Trump lookalike (a yunger Trump), in a hazmat suit, surfing. Pic date unknown, presumably after the election.
In 2018 the office setup to coordinate against a pandemic was shut down.
3 weeks after the pandemic was declared officials seem to be telling us to wear masks.