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and the characters are fictional)

This story is absolute fiction

April 26th, 1720,
Location, The Caribbean

A hurricane was brewing in the distance
while a lone sailer on a raft,
dressed in tattered rags,
appearing destitute disheveled and forelorn,
crys out loudly, as if in desperation,
apparently to a ship in the distance,
but not that far off
(a spanish gallion
sailing under the skull and bones flag of piracy).
With his body dripping and cold
from the heavy rain, and increasingly violent winds,
William crys out.

William 'Nooooooooooooooooo!
Nooooooooooooo! Amber my love,
dont leave me! Please my love!
I cherished you, I held you in my arms,
I loved you! Amber!

William continued his cry of desperation,
in tears, at times crying like a baby,
As his crys slowly fade he says, Amber, please,
please, why my love, why?"
and soon he's kneeling in a crouch,
face down sobbing like a baby.
sobbing sobbing sobbing.

Meanwhile on the deck of the Ghostly Hallow,
Amber is surrounded by 20 men
dressed like english gents.

Henry says What is it Amber?
as Amber looks out to sea
Amber I Thot I herd William.
Lucas forget about him Amber,
he has gone down to the depths.
Amber I heard his cry.
Noah give Amber some more rum
Oliver Agane! she can barely walk as it is.
Lucas this William has bin a thorn in our side
since Amber first saw him.
Elijah if you recall, it was William she sot, not us.
Lucas bursts out in lafter ans says
Elijah Elijah, when will you ever learn?
Do you not yet know who we are and who we represent?
A pirates booty is worth much more than some petty love affair.
You of all people shood know this, nephew of Black beard.
The 20 gents burst out in lafter like pirates do.
Lucas By the way we cood all hang for abducting the princess.
Elijah just like you Lucas, acting whimsically and with no forethot.
Accountability is sure to catch up with you, in yor arse.
By the way did you have yor way with her?
Lucas 'who hasnt'
The pirates burst out in lafter once agane.
LucasA little rum, and they seem to gravitate our way.
more pirate lafter.

Captain John Blackeye suddenly confronts Lucas
ouda nowhere, and in a deep gruff harsh voice
(due to too much yelling)
the captain ruffly grabs Lucas by the arm
and pulls him in close and says

tell me matee, how much for a nite with the young lass.
Lucas Captain Blackeye, are you referring to the princess?
She's ouda yor league, unless you can coff up 500 guineas.
Captain Blackeye yells I the captain of this forsaken ship!
Lucas in that case 300 guineas.
The captain angrily walks away, in a limp and a swagger.

First mate Theodore suddenly shows up,
and pulls Lucas aside, and says

Lucas, correct me if I'm wrong,
but I just saw the Governor board the ship, with an entourage.
Lucas simply looks back.
Theodore the governor visiting a pirate ship?
Lucas It'll be a big nite for the princess.

Theodore stares back in astonishment,
then says, I am beside myself, to say the least.
After a few seconds, Theodore says

tell me Lucas, how is something like this possible?
Lucas simple Theodore, we threatened to blackmail the princess
and ruin her reputation, if she refused to comply.
Theodore blackmail for what?
Lucas Thats a secret I'll take to the grave.
Theodore ahhhh blackmail, well of course,
how else wood a lady of standing,
submit to such debauchery.

Lucas, how can a man of yor upbringing
engage in such treachery?
Lucas simply looks back.

Meanwhile, out at sea,
William is now in desperate silence and futility,
watching helplessly as the Ghostly Hallow gets smaller and smaller.

Soon the howling winds and sea tempest draw nearer and nearer,
rocking the small raft like a toothpick.
Large dark and ominous clouds begin swirling overhead.
Soon the raft is being tossed about like a toothpick.

William is eerily aware that his end is at hand,
when suddenly all is calm, the sea, the winds, the rain.
yet he cood see gigantic and violent waves all around,
the rain pouring in buckets.

Then the howling winds stop.
He could see the force of the powerful winds
thrusting the rains all around, and creating gigantic 15 foot waves,
and the dark clouds swirling overhead,
but the sound has stopped.

All is calm and silent.
Then he hears a hissing loud whisper,
as if the seas recognize his presence,
and begin to speak.

A loud whisper calls out ominously and slowly

w i l l i a m
W i l l i a m
William looks all around, every which way,
as if trying to locate the source.

Then another loud whisper

W i l l i a m
Why did you defy GOD?

William stares back in silence, as if in wonder,
as if lost in thot.

After several seconds William responds

I was weak and foolish my lord, driven by passion.
The shame haunts me to this day.
I have never forgiven myself, my lord
each day I seek your guidence
that one day I'll escape the bondage
that prevents me from experiencing
the full majesty of your greatness.

Punish me oh lord, for punishment is good for the soul.

You have punished me before, and each time
you have given me new life, a new direction.

After a long silence, William says
I ask your forgiveness oh Lord.

After a long silence,
a loud whisper says
P e n a n c e P e n a n c e P e n a n c e

Suddenly the waves come crashing in,
tossing Williams raft all about,
at times submerging for several seconds,
yet each time William remains verticle,
as if chained to the raft.

The violent storm, the heavy rain,
the violent winds,
all bear down on William, as if all at once.

After a 30 minute ordeal, all is suddenly calm
as if inside a vortex, surrounded by violence.
Then another loud Whisper.

Amber is being ravaged as we speak.

William stares in horror.

Everyone has had a go at her, the deck hands,
the crew, the governors entourage, the Mayor.

She now refuses to see you,
becoz she enjoys her new line of work.

William is wild eyed and in disbelief.

You are no match, for the young lads
that surround her.
She has replaced her aspirations,
of a life with you, with a life of servitude.

William crys out Noooooooooooooo!
Noooooooooooooooo! Oh GOD please help me!
William starts sobbing uncontrollably
Oh please help me my lord.
Sobbing sobbing sobbing.
Suddenly all is silent.

2 weeks later,
William awakes amidst a forrest of chirping birds and sea turtles,
and cood hear the ocean waves break against the seashore,
but coodnt move or speak,
while natives dressed like pirates,
were dancing around a bonfire in the ded of night,
as if in celebration of some Booty.