Punished for Looking at JFK Hit as of 7.24.2021


It turns out the SS has bin ouda wack
the last month (for my JFK reserch), promptin a visit
to the FBI website. However when I clicked on TIP
I got a blank page.

The SS hacks are the xperts at replicating websites,
thats how they kept me ouda the tech money maker jobs
for years.

CLICK for details


I'm looking at more JFK HIT data
and bam, the SS tries to put me on the streets yesterday
(draned my radiator as if to fry the engine.
They also tried to stage a 3 car pile up, after they ran a red light.
They also doin memory wipes.


The SS retaliated for mentioning Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein).
The suggestion is he was the point man,
ran the hole ting from start to finish.
The SS attakd the eye sokkets, with leaches.

The last 2 wks I bin diggin deeper and deeper
into JFK HIT, so the SS unleashed a barrage.

They even pulled all the stops,
trying to smash into me, at exactly 11:22
(JFK was shot on 11.22).
This was at 7-11
(7.11 is the day Trump decided to wear mask. Boo!!!).


The SS dont like my JFK probe at all.
Just yesterday they tried for a 10 car pile up
(which wooda mangled me up).
Last week they tried to food poison me.
Last week (after I focused on another area)
they activated a red lite camera,
as my van sat there.
The SS is still doing memory wipes
(just yesterday they fried my brain so bad,
I woke up with a sulfer smell in the nostrils).

They're also sending the HITz (left and a rite).
On July 4th, one HIT hit my van,
then yells "F--- OFF! F--- OFF! F--- OFF! ......
So far 3 HITs have strolled across my KD area (a first).
Last week the SS ganged up on me in the menz showers and lockers.


So the SS retaliates after I publish Ruby (Jacob rub why)
(seemed to be under direction by HQ,
especially with the fabricated responses).
The SS comes at me with 4 accident attempts in one day,

The SS is also delaying my site updates
(so HQ cood approve).


SS memory wipes have taken their toll.
I'll have to relearn my notes.


So I reddy to rite (the last 2 wks),
so the SS gets in the way.
Sends HITz at me, gives me memory wipes,
dumps a venom wasp in the toilet room (a first),
dumps a large spider in my bedroom (looked like a B widow),
Tried to put me on the streets last friday
(staged accident attempt),
sent me to the auto shop (after a van attak last wk),
(after I was redy to rite).
They also stopped my sunday gospel tape.
(No I'm not in Russia).

I was looking at Ruby the last 2 days.
According to the data, the guy was everywhere at the rite times,
near the grassy knoll (before the fireworks started),
at Parkland (rite after JFK died).
He called police dispatch to alter Oswalds transfer plan,
his alibi has him at the Dallas morning news
(during the shooting), yet he makes it to Parkland rite after JFK dies.
He was also at the Texas theater while they arrest Oswald.


The SS is forcefully shutting down the JFK reserch,
with vicious attaks on the brain
(memory wipes, keeping me awake beyond my limits
(with nodoze), Bio warfare (like poisoning vital organs),
and terror tactics uzing HITz.

A week ago I was flying, this week its sloooomooooo.

Sitzman was in a perfect spot to finger the shooters,
yet she points police to the SBD (skool book depozitory).
Then Oswald rides by in a bus.


The tyranny retaliates for free speech
(Klan symbolism seems to be in the JFK data).

They forcefully stop my JFK reserch (a Fascist trate)
with sleep deprivation,
then they drug me to stop me from even looking at the website,
then they force me to doze off,
and wake me with nerve gas.
(nerve gas is uzed to drive peeple nutz)

How scum is that?
Nerve gas a guy while he's coming to.
Another Auschwitz moment.


The SS has me under attak agane
(the price for free speech),
as I continue the JFK reserch.

Currently they have me part crippled agane, and staging HITz
to take advantage of my weekness. Just today I'm minding my own Biz,
doing a workout, and some guy starts yelling at me,
as if to incite. What's one to do?

Last week they pulled out the nerve gas
(so they really must not like my JFK reserch).
They use nerve gas to drive peeple crazy
(operation Gillotine).

The SS is attakking my memory agane,
I'm gettin the BUB symptoms.

The SS also took away my unemployment benefits
(for a financial attack). If that aint tyrannical, what is.

The SS wont let me see a full Zapruder film
(all 26.6 seconds, 26=Z and he was called MR Z
by cohort Sitzman). Oh well.
I'm surprized nobody else filmed it.
I was also surprised Parkland didnt do the autopsy.
So many clues had to be there,
like the xploding bullet theory.


Now the SS is drugging me,
bringing my JFK reserch to a standstill.
Havin trubble ritin this.

2 days ago I noticed
the first shot was shielded
by the Stemmons sign (in the Zapruder film).
So everyting was perfectly timed.
(The SS quickly stopped me (thru sabotage)
from lookin at Zapruder films)

I also noticed Dealey looked like a Trident spear (Britannias spear) without the stem.

Lassa nite the SS detonated a loud boom,
to my left, after I dropped back to sleep for the nite.


So I start diggin into the Klan
(an FBI informant sed LBJ was Klan.
LBJ was the guy who took over
after JFK was assassinated)
and the SS pulls out the HITs agane.

Today I look up Robert E Lee
(Lee led the Confederates in the Civil War,
and the Confederates became the Klan (paramilitary group)
after Lee surrendered at Appomattix),
and the SS stops me thru sabotage.

Oswald was related to Robert E Lee,
and Tippet (suspected of being Badgeman)
had a Klan patch on his left sleeve,
and seems to give the Klan symbol
with his thumb and index finger.
The Klan descended on Dallas in the 1920s
and Dallas was known as the "city of Hate".

5.20.20 The SS attacked for taking notes on
"how the Bully allowed the invasion".
The SS came at me for a nite HIT (while asleep in the van),
loudly making a scene, waking me up, rapping on the window loudly.
Then repeated the terror at 242am (It took 242 house votes, to split up JDs empire).


So I start digging into the Free Masons
(since Zapruder was at the top of the pack, as a 33 degree Mason),
and the SS dubbles the torture,
even threttins hospitalization,
then assalts my back (as I slept),
and even lays me on my back,
as if to maximize the effects.
The KD's have ended, the marathons have ended.


The SS hacks sabotaged my first attempts at ritin dis.

Now the SS has me part crippled (agane)
(making me susceptible to the HIT),
after my last updates, last Friday.

Yesterday they whacked my back as I slept.
Last nite, anoda wack, this time with no pain killer
(They avent wacked the back in over a decade).

Trump is typically the butt of my jokes.
I was surprised he wasnt running in the recall election,
for Governor of California.

5.1 The Price for free speech.