Punished for Looking at JFK Hit as of 8.24.2021


This time the Tyranny invokes a nuclear option,
after I persisted on continuing JFK reserch yesserday
(Bam! crippled, as I slept, I was one arm man the rest of the nite)

The lass time was the 2016 Trump election,
when they routinely crippled me,
for reportin 9.11 theory
(as if expectin their protector in the oval office).


The Tyranny don like JFK theory,
so now they routinely stop my reserch,
forcibly (with sleep deprivation).
I got like 10 hours of reserch lassa week
(without their obstruction
I cood do 40 hours. So I'd be done by now).

Afta my 8.17 Blog, where they shut me down,
the SS threttened with a Med emergency,
gave me a coherency check,
then attacked with bio warfare,
all while my brain juice was runnin on empty.

The nex day I continued the reserch,
and immediately the SS trettens (we's a drive you nuts,
we's a terrorize you, we's a stage a Hit,
they even gave me the thumbs down).

The nex day, the SS tries to smash up my van,
in a pile up attempt.
The nex day I continue reserch,
and bam more deprivation
(thats like a felony aint it?
It sure aint no misdemeanor).


The Tyranny confronts me with force,
stops my JFK reserch with sleep deprivation,
agane and agane and agane (the last 2 weeks)
(stalking me from nite spot to nite spot,
just to pump me with nodoze),
as if afeared of Breaking newz.
They hit me 3 days in a row.
Lassa nite they limited me to juss 3 hrs.


The SS appears to be banning JFK theory,
I make any small move, and bam! its Nodoze
(banned by the Geneva Convention).
Nodoze can keep you awake beyond yor limits.
They shut my brain down like this
several times recently.
Yesterday I did what I do, rite, and bam!
Its nodoze.
They stalk me from nite spot to nite spot
just to pump me with nodoze.
As it stanz, my resrch is now limited
to 2-3 dayz a week,
other wize I'd ave braking newz by now.


So the SS terrorizes me off my nite street
(after all these years), then stalk me
from nite spot to nite spot.
On 8.5 they kept shaking the van,
then used that as the excuse
to shut me down with nodoze
(with MKU I'm like a sitting duck,
for whatever drives their psycho fancy).
This was after I did more JFK reserch
(They even blocked the internet, so I coodnt publish nuttin).

MKU is MK Ultra, an old CIA mind control operation.
They use it to shut off a target,
then get in and attak, like in National Geographic.

The next nite they wake me up with violent drama nearby.
Then erly dis morn, they pull out anoda Seal
(isolated area, no witnesses), he's peering in
like a cat waitin for a mouse to pop out.
After publishin on 8.3, they Blocked the internet for days,
like they expected Breaking Newz.

On 8.4 they got in my face, with anoda HIT,
trying to provoke. On 8.5 they shoved metallic residue into my vege juice.
That was the day I had no brain to think of.
Oh well, another Auschwitz moment.


So the SS retaliates for tryin ta repote them.
They resorted to terror HITs (3 in 5 nites)
(wake me in the ded of nite as if to incite},
(by banging the van, loud explosive sounds
next to my window (like backfires).
Just lassa nite about 240am, they ruffed up my van,
for a few minutes (including jiggling the door handles,
as if to get in) They even lit up the interior like a scene ouda "Cops".

Along with JFK reserch I doin Titanic reserch also.
The number 240 matches the Titanic timeline,
since the start and end times of the tragedy,
span 240 degrees on the clock.
Also, the horror lasted 2 hrs 40 minutes.
So they were retaliatin for looking at the Titanic.

Then psycho nut uzed that as the excuse
to take out my brain with sleep deprivation,
stopping my JFK reserch.

They even threttened their intent yesterday,
by beating up on an effigy (kicking punching,
like a real person), rite in fronna me (like when you give a dog a stuffed animal, and he rips it apart).

All dis while I'm in survival mode
against the summer heat. How psycho is that?

Rite after my report attempt,
they tortured me (shoved acidic chemical down my throte,
got me sick with BIO warfare, hit me with tear gas).
Anoda Treblinka moment.