Punished for ritin on 2020 Pandemic

11.23.20 Under attack before the Holidayz.
After Biden waz declared the victor on 11.7
(the reverse of 7.11,
that was when Trump started wearung a mask)
and after my 11.9 pub,
the SS started attacking my home (the van)

10.31.20 Happy Monster day!
The SS retaliated for calling Trump a JINX 2 dayz ago.
They rigged a red lite camera to shoot me,
while I legally sat in traffic 10.24.20

1550 The Tyranny banned movies agane
after I published Part III he let it happen,
then sayz "we're transitioning to greatness"


The debates appeared rigged,
like Trump memorized his ansers and responses
(like a well rehearsed reality TV series).
The moderator shooda hit MUTE at least 20 times.
Az if that waznt enuff, she kept switching subjects
cutting off Biden's rebuttal attempts
to crucial allegations.

So we had no debate,
it waz another trikster ploy
to steal the election from the people
at any cost.

Trump even had the gull to claim vicory.


1248 The Tyranny is gettin paranoid agane,
I hope they dont drug Biden for tamarra's debate.
Trump is alwayz goin "dere goze sleepy Joe"

They wood alwayz pump me with ambien
stopping the report I shooda rote 3 months ago.
By the way, the Pelosi malfunction, where they hit reset,
and she sayz "goodmorning, its sunday", waz probably MKU.

10.14.20 The Tyranny haz me under attack agane.
Just yesterday I was punished severely
for suspecting that the liar was faking it
to duck the debates, after the harrowing loss.

The SS sickened me with a chemical poison
that targeted certan organz in the past.
I waz also on the bowl for 20 minutes
shooting out gas.

They're also bringing out the big guns
for their HITs (Sealz, assassinz, etc).
The other week they shut my brain down
with sleep deprivation, then sent a Seal at me.

10.2.20 The Tyranny haz gone banana's, literally.

After obstructing any reporting for weeks,
the SS struck me down today, as if to drive me nutz,
az if to end it all now and then
(the SS is ruthless and psychotic,
on the level of the gards at Auschwitz).

The SS drugged me all nite and taday, with nodoze
(keeping me awake beyond yor limits).
It waz so bad I had to pull over for some shut eye
(When yor on nodoze, shut eye wont work).
All day I had to do the cycle of
(sit and nap, then try some ritin).

To coincide with their psy war
(they mess with you when yor brain aint workin).
The SS also continues to thretten, if I continue my reportin.

9.24.20 The Price for free speech,
Over $1000 in Van attacks,
9.12.20 I publish info on Trump and the number 4,
and 2 dayz later my Van is in the shop
(C19 reporting is delayed a week).
The next week I publish how Trump cozzed a Panic,
and 2 dayz later my van is in the shop.
(C19 reporting iz delayed 3 dayz).
Coming up next,
how Trump panicked State and local governments.

Updated Trump Cozzed a PANIC 9.21.20

Updated 9.19.20

The SS haz me under the BUB
(beat up the brain, with electroshoks, concussions,
injecting chemicals into memory centers,
all to coz memory loss)
By the way Ginsbergs initials convert to her deth age.
(R=18 G=7, thus RG=187, she died at age 87.)

Updated 9.18.20

After I published "Bad Role Model" 6 dayz ago
the SS went bezerk (two dayz later I waz riding the bus,
and my home waz stuck in the shop
(anoda van attack, costin me a bundle)
(stopping my reports the next 6 dayz).
Coincidentally my last stop waz 7-11
(the symbolic number in my last pub).

Updated 9.11.20

During the record breaking 121 degree scorcher on 9.6.20,
the SS blocked access to websites,
for cooling centers and motels.
Updated 9.01.20

I realize now, that a full report mite not be possible,
(those memory wipes are brutal) so the info will have to come in spurts,
depending on how much I remember at the time.

Currently they're keeping me drugged (stopping reserch stoppin ritin),
using MKU to attack (to minimize the evidence),
stalking me on the road,
for road rage HITz,
Terroring me, startling me out of sleep, threts,
doin tings like delaying access to emails by 12min
(which suggests they're deleting incoming emails),
and of course the BUB (beatup the brain),
to force memory loss (today I forgot my zip code,
for the first time ever since I got the box in 2006).

Updated 8.28.20

Now the SS wont even let me look at old resrch.
They drug me (uzing MKU) the sec I pull out the books.
MKU is MK Ultra (A CIA mind control program of the 60's).
They have me rigged to shut off by remote control.
So they shut me off, get in, drug me
(sort of like in National Geographic).

Updated 8.27.20

The SS obstructs at every turn, drugging me,
beating my brain nitely
(Tuesday nite they got in for 4 hours).

I'm starting to forget recent reserch,
which will defintely affect my c19 report.

Updated 8.24.20

The SS wont let me rite the report on C19,
starring Trump, with the election quickly closing in,
and Trump suggesting another 12 years for him.

It's bin one ting after anoda,
along with the scorching heat wave the last week
(I live outside so can imagine a 111 degree scorcher).
Before that the SS banned the net for a week.
Since I published the questions about Trump on 7.24.20,
the SS haz obstructed my report tooth and nail,
uzing memory wipes (the BUB), terror, intimidation, threts,
scare tactics, HITs, punishment, torture, chemical warfare.
I tink it's fair to say the SS doz not
want this report ==========written.

Updated 8.4.20

During this time, they attacked the brain
with 11 hours of memory wipes the last 4 nites
and .........................attacked my vision.

The SS waz also experimenting on diff parts of the brain.
For example I forgot how to do a spin kick (I bin doin it for yrs),
and I forgot parts of my opera songs (I've known for 2 yrs).

They also exceeded their tactics trying to smash up my van
in attempted accidents.
2 sundays ago, they turned me into a vege with sleep deprivation
(I coodnt even read the bible)
(I didnt even bother to buy the sunday paper,
which is where I get most of the newz on C19).
Last friday they shoved a pointed object in my soup, uzing MKU.
Since 7.17.20 (The Mason's anniversary. 2 wks ago),
my C19 efforts have slowed to a crawl due to SS obstruction tactics.
By now I wooda written the details
on the WH lackluster performance the last few months.

Updated 7.24.20

The SS haz .................forcibly stopped my C19 reserch the last 8 dayz
(this is shades of Fascism)
when I waz poized to start ritin.
This includes repeated memory wipes,
shutting down my ritin abilities with sleep deprivation,
terror and intimidation and threts of extreme poverty.

I was into my final summaries for my next report
on how the bully not only instigated the invasion,
but hastened the spread, with hiz Laisse Faire approach,
when the SS stopped me in my tracks