Punished for ritin on the 2021 transfer of power

The SS struck big in April (the 4th month),
as if in retaliation for my 9.12.2020 rite up,
on the number 4. I later reelized #4 is equal to #20 on the clock,
and #20 starts and ends the Titanic timeline.

On 4.26.21 the SS tried to put me on the streets,
by trying to smash up my home.
This time the car projectile
came at me from the side
(cut me off like a drunk driver),
forcing me to slam on the brakees,
to a screechin halt.

4.26 pobably meenz "for 26".
The Zapruder film was 26 seconds long,
and Titanic had 26 seconds to react to the Berg.

Also Standard Oils address was at 26 Broadway,
and JD's castle was at Tappan Zee (z is the 26th letta).

Also JD had 26 million dolla when he die,
and he lived 26 years
after his Empire was split apart by the korts.

So the number 26 meenz allot to somebody.
JD wood call 9.26 "jobby day".

Oh, and Zapruder was called "MR Z",
he's the guy who shot the 26 second film.
And he was a member of the Scottish Rite
whose emblem is a cross.

Also Titanic was bilt in 26 monts.
And the captin of Titanic, was 62
(the reverse is 26, they had to reverse engines
to stop Titanic).

The SS even gave me the V sign, 2 days erlier
(I later lerned it mite be connected to the VOC).

Then there was the 4.14.2021 HIT.
I woke up to find Danger in my front seat
(another first, like that car projectile was a first).

4.14 was oviously symbolic of Titanic,
which struk a Berg on 4.14.1912.

Zapruders camera was 414PD.
Oswald roomed at 214 Neely,
Dealey plaza mite be two sevens (one is reversed),
and JFK was shot in fron of
the Stemmons freeway sign (route 77).

There were 14 standard lifeboats on Titanic,
and Boat #14 returned for survivers
after everybody was ded, except the boat people.
There was a 14 day fire on Titanic,
which ended at 1400 on 4.14.

So #14 means allot to somebody.
Who may that be?

The 4.14.2021 HIT

The SS gave me a blow out a week later.

Also in April, the SS startled me out of sleep,
at least 4 times (by violently hitting my window),
especially on 4.19.2021 (the 245th anniversary
of the AR (American Revolution).
It was last year on 4.19.2020,
when the 45th presidente,
boasted about his performance (as if without remorse),
while a staggering 38000 lay ded (suddenly by mid April).

4.6.20 The SS yanked my legs apart (like a wishbone)
crippling me, after my 3.31.20 updates on Covid 19.


The 3.4.2021 scheduled Coup D'tat, mite a bin real
based on the symbolic numbers 34 and 33,
and the fact Trump acted like a wanna be dictator
(like, I hate democracy).

The perpetuation of an obvious lie
"I won,I won,I won,I won,I won,I won,I won,I won,......",
(tell me I won ante em),
suggests Trump was buying time,
becoz he had somtin up his sleeve
(like a poker player).

And the big test,
was the 1.6.2021 invasion of the US Capitol,
as if to test the waters,
as if to test the resolve of America, as if to test the loyalty of the GOP.

Even a month before the Coup date,
the SS tried to poison me
before and after my 1st Pfizer dose (on 2.3.2021),
as if to weaken my immune system
(which cooda bin fatal).


The SS haz resorted to secret violence
(uzing MKU and while I sleep),
keeping me part crippled the last month
(stopping the run agane, az if to make there drugz stik)
(with the strapeedo,
where they twist the nee beyond its limits),
making me susceptible to the HITz.

This was the case rite before Christmas,
when I suggested Trump mite be delusional.
The SS is also wiping my memory.
Yesterday I forgot my password to update my site.


From President to Leader of the Bully Cult
"dey cheated us! Charge my little ones!"


1215 SS blatantly blocked my updates
by sabotaging the keybord.


America begins anew, with a fresh mind.
Let Freedom Reign!


Trump goze out with a bang, and a big taxpayer bill,
to cover the cost of the armed camp (25000 troops),
while our economy is in shambles.

The Bully now has his own gang (betta not mess wid me).
The assalt on the US Capitol, appeared to be a show of force
(we bad, we powerful), too brazen for yor typical protester.

The rally cry "stop the steal" appeared ironic,
since theres indicators the SS routinely rigs elections.

While Trump was lozing case after case with his false claims,
on 12.16 I commented, Trump is either delusional or haz somtin up his sleeve.


The SS silenced my website yet agane (the last 2 days),
this time stealing my cell fone.
They also had me part crippled (making me susceptible to a HIT).

I wonder if the FBI puts Trump on the Watch List.

A military presence (20,000 troops) at the inaugeration
doznt look good. What have we become?

I just noticed the SS wiped all memory
of my 1.6 updates


1209 The SS is keeping me drugged.
1138 The SS just sabotaged my keybord,
delaying theze updates.

The SS resorted to physical torture yesterday
after I mocked Trump with "Trumps final rants",
the countdown begins, with 2 wks left.

So there'll be 2 celebrations on January 20th.
Then they shoved a bug into my eye socket,
after I went to bed.

Appy New Year!


Appy New Year!

As it turnz out the SS tried to screw up my holiday
by trying to kill my home (the van) a month ago.

Then 2 wks before Christmas,
the SS silenced my website for 2 wks
(so I cant repote them),
then stalked me all over town
trying to exact violence.

During this time, they kept me crippled


The SS banned my website
(since my last update on 12.9 (2 wks ago)
referencing Trump)

(I tot for sure the SS was gonna do somtin big).
During that time the SS partially crippled me,
and stalked me everywhere I went,
getting in my face with HITs,
as if to exact violence.

I also suggested a gag order on Trump,
and that the military shood expedite hiz move to Maro Lago.


1335 The Tyrannists are showing kidnap intent
after blocking access to my website (the last hour)

This was after I noticed
Trump seems to be inciting insurrection.