Free Speech Punishment Highlites 1.11.2022


I menshon the VOC, and Bam! Boom!
The SS attaks my religion (typical of Tyrannies),
stops a traditional celebration of Christmas (The KD)
(forcefully, typical of Fascism),
then punishes financially
(a whopping $1000 in damages for Mr homeless),
just in time for Chrismas.
Others celebrate at disneyland, malls, and theators.
For me its auto shops.


The SS just tried to put me
on the streets (befor Chrizmas),
az if retaliating for braking newz.
The SS cut me off, then hit the brakes.


Afta my 2 newz releases,
the SS is resorting to the Gillotine
(a secret operation to drive tagets nuts)


I simply sho intent to pub some Diary
and Bam! the SS tries to hit me with a car.

My last update attempt on 11.20, resulted in 2 kill attempts (by car crash).
This is where I menshon the Bilderbergs for the 1st time.
I woodn be surprised if they were morphers from he VOC
(terrorized all their competition, beheadings, stuff like that).

Back on 11.10, rite afta I started Phase IV of me reserch,
the SS flashed me the "V" sign (the VOCs emblem).
A week later I felt like a popsicle stick,
after the SS expozeed me to the cold (as I slept).
I woke up shivering like a hypothermic,
despite wearing my thermals.


The Tyranny don like my story Tellin.
I simply show intent and Bam!
the crazy people try to smash up the van,
with intent to kill.

There were 3 attempts in 22 hours,
after I started my latest story (last saturday).

I simply mentioned the VOC,
the Dutch East India Company
whose emblem is V (V=22, JFK shot 11.22)
JD seemed fond of the Dutch.


After my Nov 5th pub,
the SS struck back, by assalting my eye
(20 minute ordeal extracting a large bug),
as if retaliating for mentioning the "I" conspiracy.


The Tyranny don like JFK theory.

The nex day I continued the reserch,
and immediately the SS trettens (we's a drive you nuts,
we's a terrorize you, we's a stage a Hit,
they even gave me the thumbs down).

The nex day, the SS tries to smash up my van, in a pile up attempt.


The Tyranny confronts me with force,
stops my JFK reserch with sleep deprivation,
agane and agane and agane (the last 2 weeks)
(stalking me from nite spot to nite spot,
just to pump me with nodoze),
as if afeared of Breaking newz.


The SS appears to be banning JFK theory,
I make any small move, and bam! its Nodoze.
Nodoze can keep you awake beyond yor limits.
They shut my brain down like this
several times recently.
As it stanz, my resrch is now limited
to 2-3 dayz a week,
other wize I'd ave braking newz by now.


After publishin on 8.3, they Blocked the internet for days,
like they expected Breaking Newz.

On 8.5 they shoved metallic residue into my vege juice.
That was the day I had no brain to think of.
Oh well, another Auschwitz moment.


So the SS retaliates for tryin ta repote them.
They resorted to terror HITs (3 in 5 nites)
(wake me in the ded of nite as if to incite},
(by banging the van, loud explosive sounds
next to my window (like backfires).
Just lassa nite about 240am, they ruffed up my van,
for a few minutes (including jiggling the door handles,
as if to get in) They even lit up the interior.

Then psycho nut uzed that as the excuse
to take out my brain with sleep deprivation,
stopping my JFK reserch.

They even threttened their intent yestaerday,
by beating up on an effigy (kicking punching,
like a real person), rite in fronna me.

All dis while I'm in survival mode
against the summer heat. How psycho is that?

Rite after my report attempt,
they tortured me (shoved acidic down my throte,
got me sick with BIO warfare, hit me with tear gas).
Anoda Treblinka moment.


It turns out the SS has bin ouda wack
the last month, promptin a visit
to the FBI website. However when I clicked on TIP
I got a blank page.
The SS hacks are the xperts at replicating websites,
thats how they kept me ouda the tech money maker jobs
for years.


I'm looking at more JFK HIT data
and bam, the SS tries to put me on the streets yesterday
(draned my radiator 1.2 gallons, as if to fry the engine,
as another heat wave rolls in).

They also hit me wit BIO warfare,
got me sick twice (food contamination), the last 2 days.
They also appear to be pouring cement into my oatmeal.

They also tried to stage a 3 car pile up, after running a red light.
They also got in 7 hours last night,
so somtins up (maybe brain washing).
I did experience BUB symptoms,
so it must be memory wipes
(its a hurdle, since I have to relearn my notes).

5.1 The Price for free speech.


We shood honor Pfizer and Moderna with a ticker tape parade, down Broadway, for saving the World.


The SS struck big in April (the 4th month), as if in retaliation for my 9.12.2020 rite up, on the number 4.
On 4.26.21 the SS tried to put me on the streets, by trying to smash up my home (the van).
The Titanic deck crew, had 26 seconds to react, to the ice berg.

On 4.14.2021 the SS staged a HIT as I slep in the back of Van. I woke up with the guy in the front seat.
The Titanic was struck on 4.14, after the passengers awoke to the horror.

The SS gave me a blow out a week later.

Also in April, the SS startled me out of sleep, at least 4 times (by violently hitting my window),
-----------------especially on 4.19.

It was last year on 4.19.20, (the 245th anniversary of the Revolutionary War) when the 45th presidente, boasted about his performance (as if without remorse), while a staggering 38000 lay ded (suddenly in April).