Questions on Trump and C19

Updated 7.22.20
The C19 invasion from Europe,
was instigated by the travel ban (and the mad dash to the gates),
on DDAY 3.11.20.
Why did Trump wait wks to declare the travel ban on 3.11?
Why did Trump wait wks to declare a National Emergency?
What was symbolic about 3.11?
three elevens.
Then there was CDC testing delayed 4 wks, 2 wks before DDAY.
Why didnt the CDC hand out masks at the airports during DDAY?
Oh, a shortage in PPE made it logistically impossible
to accomodate 100,000 travellers at the nations airport hubs.
I tot the Strategic National Stockpile had $8 billion worth of PPE.
Yet during the Pandemic it was at 1% of the PPE demand.

Where did the other 99% go? to the black market?
Where it could be price gouged?
What about Project Airbridge, I tot they would solve
the shortage problem. According to FEMA all they could scrounge up
is 1.5 million N95 respirators. That's all?
Why was the white house mum on PAB and SNS distribution?

Why did Britain flee the EU, 3 months before the Pandemic?
Where was PAB? while state and local governments were being price gouged
on the open market for medical supplies.
Why did Pence refuse to allow FEMA
to take control of the MS procurement and distribution?
Oh maybe that would've interfered with the lucrative PPE market.
Trump always said he wanted to run the white house like a BIZ.
What about those businesses that were to manufacture PPE's?
It's bin 4 months alreddy. By now alll Americans should've had access to N95's.
Why was the CDC defunded? Why did the CDC take a back seat
to the CTF? How could the xperts at the CDC
flub the test kits at the worst possible time?


He hastened the spread 6.6.20