The latest on JFK investigation 1.18.2022

I menshon the VOC, and Bam! Boom!
The SS attaks my religion (typical of Tyrannies),
stops a traditional celebration of Christmas (The KD)
(forcefully, typical of Fascism),

then punishes financially
(a whopping $1000 in damages for Mr homeless),
just in time for Chrismas.
Merry Christmas to the auto shop.

The SS just tried to put me
on the streets (befor Chrizmas),
az if retaliating for braking newz.
The SS cut me off, then hit the brakes.


December 7th, 2021
Amazon Rain forrest
near Bogata Columbia

Jumper holding a viper in his hanz says
I see the similarities, beheading and losing it.
Look a JFK, they blew up his head,
in front of somebody who went insane,
or ratha a statue.
Boss I seen the plaza lotsa times, an an an an an
neva seen any statue.

Jumper The John Neeley Bryan pergola,
the founder of Dallas
Speed Dallas the city of hate, in 1963
Boss Heee heee heee
Speed the klan descended on Dallas, in the 1920's
after their resurgence in 1915.

Jingle By the way, 1915 converts to SO,
for Standard Oil, JD's company that went bust.
Boss Heee heee how?
Jingle "S" is the 19th letta, "O" is the 15th.
and Standard Oil was referred to as "number 15" by the Muckrakers.

Speed So did JD fund the Klan or what?
Jingle His progenity gave to Hitler,
oil, gas and dinero, so why not.
And a list of Hitler sympathizers.
And JD did offer to buy Dixon a bully pulpit.
Boss Heee heee who?
Speed He led the Klan resurgence in the 1900's.
Plus JD's associate Foster Dulles, believed in racial purity,
back in 1911.
Boss Heee heee so
SSSSSSo wha jor poin?

Jingle JFK was beheaded in a public square,
in brod daylite, in frona a world wide audience,
to strike terror, just like the twin towers went down,
to strike terror.
Boss How jou no sucka!

Jumper By the way, Ozwald lived on Neeley street.
Jingle Thats rite!
and Oswald defected on 10.16.1959, moved into Dallas
on 10.16.1963, and the Cuban Missile Crisis,
started on 10.16.1962.
Boss Jou loss me sucka!
Jingle Marie Antoinette was beheaded on 10.16,
its all beheading symbolism.
Boss Marie who? who dat?


Afta my 2 newz releases,
the SS is resorting to the Gillotine
(a secret operation to drive tagets nuts)


Novenmber 5th, 2021
The barracks

Boss and Jeckel pause for a sec, then continue
BossI toll im ta ta ta leave JD alone,
little sucka woodn leestn
little sucka sed dere was a slomo coup
Shrimp slomo?
Jeckel It took 36 years, thats why nobody knows
Fird suddenly pops in It happened eons ago, so who cares
The Grinch! tried to kill Tony,
after Tony scribbled that down,
his thots on the Coup.

Fird How'd they try to kill Tony?
Jeckel in a fatal crash attempt.
They even boasted before the attempt, giving Tony the victory sign
Boss heee heee, so V sssstan fo vickory?
Jeckel No, vengeance
These peeple whoever they are are always retaliating,
Remember that.

Jeckel an eye for an eye, two I's, like the WTC?
Fird Section II of the Sherman Anti Trust ACT,
split JD's empire into 34 pieces
Boss shuddup! dat enuff!

Shrimp V is also the 22nd letter, and JFK was shot on the 22nd
Jeckel Then the SS staged a hit at Tonys market.

I simply sho intent to pub some Diary
and Bam! the SS tries to hit me with a car.

My last update attempt on 11.20, resulted in 2 kill attempts (by car crash).
This is where I menshon the Bilderbergs for the 1st time.

I woodn be surprised if they were morphers from he VOC
(terrorized all their competition, beheadings, stuff like that).

Back on 11.10, rite afta I started Phase IV of me reserch,
the SS flashed me the "V" sign (the VOCs emblem).
A week later I felt like a popsicle stick,
after the SS expozeed me to the cold (as I slept).
I woke up shivering like a hypothermic,
despite wearing my thermals.


Breaking News

The Bilderbergs 1st meeting was on JFK's 37th birthday.
To coincide, JD died in 1937, just 3 years shy of his 100th birthday.

the number 3 is all over the JFK hit data. JD wanted to live to be 100.
JFKs limo code number was X100. The X means allot.

(The inverse of 37 is 63).
JFK was shot in 1963 (9 yrs later).
He received a thret by th BBR 9 days before he was shot.

He was given a daggar with the inscription
"nobody woundz us with impunity!"
There is one group thats fond of daggers.
JP liked daggers.

The meeting was in Dutch Netherlands.
JD seemed very fond of the Dutch, but he claimed to be Germanic.
Yet the dawn of predatory capitalism was with the Dutch.
The Muckrakers called JD a Robber Baron.
And the Baptists started there too, with the Dutch.
Maybe JD was German and Dutch.

(58th anniversary of JFK Hit)
(V=22, and V is the VOCs emblem).

There were 3 kill attempts to smash up van,
in 22 hours, after I started my latest story
(lass saturday).

I simply mentioned the VOC,
the Dutch East India Company
whose emblem is V (V=22, JFK shot 11.22)
JD seemed fond of the Dutch.

October 20th, 2021
The Belgiun Congo


Buzz 'There were 3 panics that ransacked the economy,
the 3rd panic was the clincher.
That was the 1929 wall street crash.
Dirk 'Oh sh.....'

Buzz 'JFK was threttened on the 34the anniversary,
then he was shot 9 days later.
Plus his wife was age 34, and JFK was president 34 months.

His dad got rich on the 3rd panic,
and in 1934 he ratted on his fellow swindlers,
as SEC chairman, under FDR.

Dirk 'ratted, like betrayal? and JFK was shot in the throat.
'oh sh.....' his dad got rich? on number 3.
Buzz '3 shots rang out in Dallas'
In 1963 Dallas was known as 'the City of hate'.

Jigsaw 'DT suspects the number 3, goes back to the Civil war'
At exactly 3 pm (1500 military time), General Lee (on his way out),
turns (at the top of the stairs), looks at Grant,
and claps his hands 3 times, then leaves'.
5 nites later Lincoln is shot during the 3rd act.

Dirk '1500 died on the Titanic'
'about the number 34, Standard Oil was split into 34 pieces,
in 1911.'



The SS retaliated for mentioning Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein).
(He was the guy who supposedly shot Oswald).
(The SS attakd the eye sokkets, forcing me to Rub and Rub).
The suggestion is he was the point man,
ran the hole ting from start to finish.
Like Oswald he wasnt around long enuff to explain himself.

The last 2 wks I bin diggin deeper and deeper
into JFK HIT, so the SS unleashed a barrage.

They even pulled all the stops,
trying to smash into me, at exactly 11:22
(JFK was shot on 11.22).
This was at 7-11
(7.11 is the day Trump decided to wear a mask. Boo!!!).


So the SS retaliates after I publish Ruby (Jacob rub why)
(seemed to be under direction by HQ,
especially with his media responses, which appeared fabricated).
The SS comes at me with 4 accident attempts in one day,

I was looking at Ruby the last 2 days.
According to the data, the guy was everywhere at the rite times,
near the grassy knoll (before the fireworks started),
at Parkland (rite after JFK died).
According to witness,
he seemed to call police dispatch to alter Oswalds transfer plan.
his alibi has him at the Dallas morning news
(during the shooting), yet he makes it to Parkland rite after JFK dies.
According to witness,
he was also at the Texas theater while they arrest Oswald.


The SS is forcefully shutting down the JFK reserch,
with vicious attaks on the brain
A week ago I was flying, this week its sloooomooooo.

Sitzman was in a perfect spot to finger the shooters,
yet she points police to the SBD (skool book depozitory).
Then Oswald soon rides by in a bus.


The tyranny retaliates for free speech
(Klan symbolism seems to be in the JFK data).

The SS wont let me see a full Zapruder film
(all 26.6 seconds, 26=Z and he was called MR Z
by cohort Sitzman). Oh well.
I'm surprized nobody else filmed it.
I was also surprised Parkland didnt do the autopsy.
So many clues had to be there,
like the xploding bullet theory.


2 days ago I noticed
the first shot was shielded
by the Stemmons freeway sign (in the Zapruder film).

So everyting was perfectly timed,
suggesting the Limo was in on it.

The Drivers were Secret Service, yet like Hill,
they waited until the fatal shot (5.6 seconds later)
to spring into action (I'm sure they herd the 1st two shots).

Even Hill gives the thumbs down, after jumping on JFK.
(The SS quickly stopped me (thru sabotage)
from lookin at Zapruder films)

I also noticed Dealey Plaza looked like a Trident spear
(Britannias spear) without the stem.


So I start diggin into the Klan
(an FBI informant sed LBJ was Klan.
LBJ was the guy who took over
after JFK was assassinated)
and the SS pulls out the HITs agane.

Today I look up Robert E Lee
(Lee led the Confederates in the Civil War,
and the Confederates became the Klan (paramilitary group)
after Lee surrendered at Appomattix),
and the SS stops me thru sabotage.

The Titanics kaptin looked like Lee,
and Appomattix is shaped like an Ice Berg.
Lee surrendered at 1500,
and 1500 died in the Titanic tragedy.

Lee's dying words were
"tell Hill to come up! Strike the tent".
Hill is called "Berg" in German. JD sed he was German.
JD's castle was on a hill called Kykuit (thats a Dutch word).

Oswald was related to Robert E Lee,
and Tippet (suspected of being Badgeman)
had a Klan patch on his left sleeve,
and seems to give the Klan symbol
with his thumb and index finger.

His name was JD too, for JD Tippet
(cood this actually mean, JD tipped the Titanic?).

The Klan descended on Dallas in the 1920s
and Dallas was known as the "city of Hate".


So I start digging into the Free Masons
(since Zapruder was at the top of the pack,
as a 33 degree Mason in the Scottish Rite),
and the SS dubbles the torture,


Breaking Newz!!!!!

The 3rd shooter at the JFK assassination.
StillDiggin looks at Russian Abraham Zapruder.

Mr Z (as Stitzman referred to him) was a Mason
of the highest degree in the Scottish Rite.
They originated in South Carolina
(the 1st state to secede, as hostilities escalated toward civil war)
(as Julius Caesar wood say, divide and conquer, veni, vidi, vici).

Zapruder had xcuses for everyting (typical in a conspiracy),
for being in positon, for having a cohort,
for even bringing the camera.

There's symbolism everywhere,
including the camera (model 414PD Bell and Howell),
the Titanic sunk on 4.14, and the PD (P=16 D=4 PD=164),
could mean "160 for". The Titanic tragedy lasted 160 minutes.

There was 26.6 seconds of film, by MR Z
(Z=26, and Z means allot to somebody.
Even the 1st World Trade Center attack was on 2.26).

The VOC were world traders, that cood mean somtin.
JFK was even shot on his way to the Trade Mart.

So the word "Trade" appears significant.
Doz Trade convert to Deal, for "Dealey Plaza"?