The Pandemic 12.4.2020

Despite what the critics and pundits say,
at the end of the day (after 3.5 years in office),
America is stymied,

we have a ravaged economy,
33 million Americans were out of work last April,
the GDP dropped 35% in the 2nd quarter,
we had race riots looting (for the first time in decades) in May and June,
and we have 220,000 ded Americans.

Had he done his job,
all a dis cood a bin avoided.

Countless lives cooda bin saved
(To whom do we entrust America to this time?)

LA Times 3.14.20 "the country is desperate for clarity and direction
az panic spredz".



He fired the experts, shut down all those CDC programs,
shut down Obama's pandemic office,
left the Strategic National Stockpile bare,
ignored the government studies that said we had PPE shortages,
didnt provide PPE leadership to the states,
hindered the CDC's containment efforts,
ignored the 2014 Pandemic plan,
and he say's the catastrophe waz unforeseeable.

He musta known the virus cood be catastrophic
when he admitted how dangerous it waz on 2.7.20 to Woodward.

The loominosity was all there,
how cood he not put two and two together?
And then he haz the gull to blame the states, Obama, the WHO.



The guyz a JINX, nothing but bad things happen
while he's in office,
The impeachment
(he waz found guilty by the peoples representatives,
for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress,
yet he runz for reelection, az if without shame),
He Kowtows to dictators
and haz known criminals az his advisors,
(some convicted of fraud and lying to the feds),
he shut down the government and the economy
took an 3 billion dollar hit,
countless lives cooda bin saved
had he acted sooner after hurricane------------ Maria,
then Kobe goes down to start the year,
The pandemic hits and America is turned asunder,
what is next! what is next!
Who needs Halloween,
we have a monster in the white house.

Updated 7.22.20
The C19 invasion from Europe,
was instigated by the travel ban (and the mad dash to the gates),
on DDAY 3.11.20.
Why did Trump wait wks to declare the travel ban on 3.11?
Why did Trump wait wks to declare a National Emergency?
What was symbolic about 3.11?
three elevens.
Then there was CDC testing delayed 4 wks, 2 wks before DDAY.
Why didnt the CDC hand out masks at the airports during DDAY?
Oh, a shortage in PPE made it logistically impossible
to accomodate 100,000 travellers at the nations airport hubs.
I tot the Strategic National Stockpile had $8 billion worth of PPE.
Yet during the Pandemic it was at 1% of the PPE demand.

Where did the other 99% go? to the black market?
Where it could be price gouged?
What about Project Airbridge, I tot they would solve
the shortage problem. According to FEMA all they could scrounge up
is 1.5 million N95 respirators. That's all?
Why was the white house mum on PAB and SNS distribution?

Why did Britain flee the EU, 3 months before the Pandemic?
Where was PAB? while state and local governments were being price gouged
on the open market for medical supplies. Why did Pence refuse to allow FEMA
to take control of the MS procurement and distribution?
Oh maybe that would've interfered with the lucrative PPE market.
Trump always said he wanted to run the white house like a BIZ.
What about those businesses that were to manufacture PPE's?
It's bin 4 months alreddy. By now alll Americans should've had access to N95's.
Why was the CDC defunded? Why did the CDC take a back seat
to the CTF? How could the xperts at the CDC
flub the test kits at the worst possible time?



Whats Trump up to?
He lozes frivolous lawsuits
az if he expected to win,
which gives im the excuse not to cooperate.
Iz he buying time? For what?
He did predict this scenario last September.

Trump shood give Bidens team
access to the oval office,
to see if it needs to be renovated
in time for the inaugeration.

It probably needs a new swivel chair.


The debates appeared rigged,
like Trump memorized his ansers and responses
(like a well rehearsed reality TV series).
The moderator shooda hit MUTE at least 20 times.
Az if that waznt enuff, she kept switching subjects
cutting off Biden's rebuttal attempts
to crucial allegations.

So we had no debate,
it waz another trikster ploy
to steal the election from the people
at any cost.

Trump even had the gull to claim victory.


Bidenz new C19 task force
shood be empowered to act now.
Time is of the essence.


Let Freedom Reign!
Democracy is here to stay!


Biden shooda won 2 dayz ago, by a landslide.
(All the poles had im up by 11 points).
Sounz like the riggers are out, stealing states.
Trumps turning the election into a circus.
If the supreme cort gets involved,
it'll pobably be like the 2000 election.

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Why wont Trump debate?.
Its the American way.
Tell the peeple why yor the better candidate
in a verbal forum.

Coming up next,
How the bully took out our first line of defense
allowing the virus to romp thru the states with ease,
forcing economic disaster.

Wear a mask to protect others.

A Theoretical Cure? For C19 7.2.20

The SS won't let me write the report
on Trump and C19, as the election draws near.

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