10.19.20 The Price for Free Speech

The Tyranny haz gone bezerk,
since my latest pubz on Trump
cozzing panic erly on
and at the hite of the Pandemic.

I had promised a rite up,
on how Trump took out our first line of defense
by slashing CDC programs, firing the experts,
and failing to do hiz job (with what he had left),

like restocking the PPE shelves,
after the alerts in 2019 and erly 2020
that SARS waz bak (airborn, contageous, and a 10 percent kill rate).
(Of course Trump admitted he knew this
in the 2.7.20 Woodward interview).

Insted, with Trump running tings,
we had multiple delayz in testing,
in declaring the N.E.,
in declaring the travel ban,
at a time where time waz of the essence

(erly testing and contact tracing waz necessary for containment).

He failed to intervene in the chaotic market place
for PPE's (hastening the spred).

In Obama's insinuations
nobody waz in charge,
and nobody knew what they were doing.
Scarmucci sed "nobody knew what their marching orders were".

For all this,
the SS haz me under attack nite and day.

They're after my savings agane, with staged accident attempts
using RTMs (road trubble makers) and FTMs (foot trubble makers).

2 days ago, after I suspected Trump waz faking it,
they tried to smash into my van twice,
and staged a rong way driver.

Before that they kept staging peds
trying for an accident.
For example in one case,
they distracted me while making a rite
while a ped quickly snuck in front of me.

Back on 10.1.20, while workin on
Trump cozzed another panic,
the SS staged a HIT (looked like a seal).
Then after doin Part II
the SS staged another hit (looked CIA).

Even before that, like the week before,
the SS took out my brain with sleep deprivation,
then staged a HIT.

2 dayz ago on 10.17,
after I suspected Trump waz faking it,
the SS got me sick,
then staged a ganger HIT
(blocks me in, nobody around, its dark out).
9 hours later, theres a stranger at my door
(its dark, 510 am, and I'm hedded out to KD).

Later the same day, the SS stage a HIT,
screaming like a witch (looked like a Seal).
I waz confuzed by the screaming.

The SS also haz me rigged for
kill attempts (involuntary swallo),
torture (suddenly bite into my tung, excrutiating pain),
and MKU (to get in and shove bad stuff down my throte, getting me sick).
Recently the SS waz shoving fatty stuff down my throte, targetting vital organz.

The SS tyranny haz no limits.
The last 2 weeks they bin bannin Netflix movies
(suddenly cut me off, or ban it at the outset).

They're banning KD (karate dance) religious music
(I alwayz do christmas tunes with the KD during the holidayz).
(just today 10.19 the SS cut the Hellilujah song twice, during a run).
Last week they kept hitting the stop button on both CDplayers,
forcing me to buy one online
(the last time I did that, it waz sabotaged before I opened the box).

They're also interrupting my bedtime prayers (sudden loud noizes next to van).