The Race for a Cure

Updated 5.16.2020.

CDC recommends
that patients with SARS
receive the same treatment
that would be used for a patient
with any serious community-acquired atypical pneumonia.

On December 30th 2019, IDE's (Infectious Dezeaze Experts)
alerted 80,000 HPR's (Health Professionals) world wide
with the message "Undiagnosed Pneumonia RFI".

On December 31st another IDE sed
this is "giving me SARS flashbacks".

LAT 5.3.20 (LA Times) article
about the drug Tocilizumab (Actemra),
apparently worked on all 21 patients.
(body temps returned to normal,
15 patients reduced the need
for supplemental oxygen, in 5 dayz.
10 patients had inflammation return to normal.
19 patients had lung lesions cleared.
All 21 patients were discharged in 10-21 dayz.

Tocilizumab is used for RHA (Rheumatoid Arthritis),
an auto immune dezeaze.
The drug is based on monoclonal antibodies,
IMS (Immune System) proteins,
engineered to home in on their targets,
and turn them on or off.

The University of Chicago
is under an RCT (registered clinical trial)
for the drug.
Hoffman La Roche will sponser an international trial.