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Theories in Astronomy 2.16.2021.

Tuesday February 16th 2021.

The SS abruptly stopped my theories (keeping me drugged)
as if I were treading on classified information.
Consequently I coodnt solidify the theories.
These theories are at the very least, mere possibilities.

Theory SDA20210225:

The Big Bang was procreation,
the propogation of the species,
in the form of primordial black holes (PBH),
which grew into colossal giants, the galaxies we see today,
at every corner of the Universe.
Evidence for the PBHs is shown in the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background),
as density fluxuations (perturbations).
The Theory suggests that the PBHs pre existed before the Big Bang.
The Theory suggests the Milky Way began as one of these PBHs.
The PBH wood account for the tremendous gravity necessary
during Structure Formation (the first Billion years).

Theory SDA20210201:

All Galaxy Clusters eventually unite into one Galaxy.

Theory SDA20210125:

The fate of all Galaxies is a Quasar

Theory SDA20210216:

Most, if not all Supernovae during Structure Formation
(the Billion years after the Big Bang),
retained a Black Hole (BHL) as the stellar remnant.
Consequently, all Galaxies were first a Colossol Sun,
with up to 1000 solar masses.


Theories in Astronomy 11.27.2020.

Theory SDA20021120a
The force of mass ejection
from the Milky Wayz Black Hole
created the Galactic Bar (28000 lite years across).
Consequently the spin axis is parallel
to the galactic plane.

The Galactic arms
emanated from the Black Hole itself,
over eons of time.
This is true for all Barred Spiral Galaxies.

So the Milky Wayz Black Hole
spews out plasma storms (hot winds),
(expells matter at lite speed)
(which includes gas exceeding millions of degrees),
which eventually cool to neutral hydrogen and dense molecular gas
(or star dust) (eventually condenses into stars)
in the Galactic armz.

Theory SDA20021120b
The Milky Way originated as a spheroid galaxy (globular star cluster)
(as evidenced by the Halo and the Galactic bulge),
while the Galactic plane gradually formed
as the Black Hole engorged itself to 4 million solar masses
over Billions of years.

Theory SDA20021120c
The Dark Matter enveloping the Milky Way
will keep the Black Hole fed
(its bin hybernating the last 300 years),
until the Andromeda Galaxy eats the black hole alive.