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Theories in Astronomy 8.30.2022.

Monday August 29th 2022.

Theory sda20220829a

The curvature of space time,
is the cosmic grid, which consists of dark matter.

Theory sda20220829b

A geodesic line
is the MFLD (magnetic field) line.

Theory sda20220829c

Gravity is an attraction force,
so it must be magnetism.

Theory sda20220829d

All bodies in space (including atomic particles)
have a receptor that responds to a magnetic field line
(similar to the nuclear force,
that holds protons and neutrons together).

There’s a receptor that responds to the MFLD line,
in an attractive manner,
like a man and woman on their first date.

So an MFLD line is like a tractor beam
pulling on a body in space.

The cosmic grid
is the medium that facilitates the connection.

Theory sda20220829e

The cosmic grid
holds the Milky Way (MWY) galaxy together.
Science has shown
that most of the MWY is composed of dark matter.

Theory sda20220829f

The Universe (UNV) is held together by the cosmic grid.

It’s expansion may be accelerating now,
but it’s bound to slow down.

Just wait till it collapses.
Time will reverse itself, so we’ll be going backwards,
revisiting old haunts,

until all matter hits ground zero.

Theory sda20220829g

The speed of light, is limited by the cosmic grid.

The cosmic grid is the medium by which light travels,
and the reason light propagates in waves.

Without the cosmic grid, light woodnt travel at all,
and the Universe wood be in the dark.
The universe wood be in a state of equilibrium,
stoic and passive.

Theory sda20220829h

Space travel employing antimatter propulsion,
can exceed this limit, asymptotically.


Theories in Astronomy 8.27.2022.

Saturday August 27th 2022.

Theory sda20220825a

if the earth had no spin, there wood be no gravity
and we wood lose our atmosphere, and all else

Theory sda20220825b

GVR (gravitational range on a specified object in space)
where the MFLD lines become effective

MFLD=magnetic field

Theory sda20220825c

MFLD lines propagate as waves