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Theories in Astronomy 4.17.2021.

Saturday April 17th 2021.

Theory SDA20210405a

The average Fusion Rate in the solar core,
is maintained by Energy waste
(in the form of Solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections),
which are funnelled to the top, thru waste vents.

Sun spots are visual indicators that these vents exist.

The average fusion rate is increasing proportionally
as the sun becomes hotter.

Since the Fusion rate is in a self correcting equilibrium,
this suggests the sun is an undefined Thermodynamic system.


Theory SDA20210403a

As the core expands and shrinks, gets hotter, cools down,
Depending on the Fusion rate
There’s an average Fusion rate (AFR),
that maintains equilibrium in a Thermodynamic system.

If the AFR is threatened in any way
(for example a massive influx of hot plasma)
Then a Grand Solar Maxima is initiated
(this wood include solar flares,
and CME’s Coronal Mass Ejections)
to expell plasma matter, that threatens equilibrium.

External forces may be at play
such as the suns position in its orbit
and surrounding celestial bodies
(galactic black holes, dwarfs, dark celestial bodies,
neutron stars, you name it)
imposing tidal forces on the Solar Dynamo,
cozzing instability.

The sun has circled Saggitarius A, only 8 times.


Theory SDA20210407a

The Cooler plasma descending between the solar granules
consists of H IONs
Being drawn in by the force of gravity,

While the ascending hot plasma
thru the Solar Granules,
is the outward radiation pressure
(due to Nuclear Fusion).

The balance between both forces
keeps the star in tact.

Eventually Gravity will win.


Theory SDA20210407b

The Convection Cell perimeters
Are direct lines to the core (for the Fusion process).

The rising hot plasma from the Radiation zone
Automatically pushes the Cooler H plasma aside.

The lower temperatures (5777 degrees Kelvin) in the Photosphere
are due to H Plasma matter compaction, 4.6 Billion years ago.

Theory SDA20210407c

Cell formation cood have similar dynamics to human cell formation.
The SUN is alive.


Theory SDA20210409a

Sunspots are pressure release vents for energy waste,
To maintain fusion rate equilibrium.