The Latest on Titanic Investigation 1.21.2022


January 6th, 2022
DC (inside a bunker)

Jingle First theres the Muckrakers
associating the number 15 with SO (Standard Oil, JDs company),
then the Titanic sinks on the 15th,
and 1500 people die.

By the way Titanic launched at 1215,
which is behead symbolism, since thats when Antoinette was axed.

Jumper The klan resurged on 1915,
some say it was a symbolic year, sine 1915 converts to SO,
where S is the 19th letter, and O is the 15th letter.

Speed So JD was Klan?
Jingle He offered to buy a Bully pulpit for Dixon,
the guy who led the klan resurgence.

Jingle Also Titanic was found in 1985, and the inverse is 15.
Then there's the bad coordinates, given by Titanics radio operators,
at 15.5 miles off base. That happens to be the reverse of 5.15,
the day JD's empire was broken into 34 pieces.

Speed Thats beyond coincidence dude. Plus the numbers are reversed.
C'mon, somtin happened here. How cood no investigating body not notice?


December 22nd, 2021
Gulf of Mexico
submerged in an SDV submarine

Jingle Plus theres symbolism in the numbers.
The plugs cost $240, and the Titanic time line,
covers 240 degrees on the compass.
Jumper They attakd Tony before, for the same number
erlier in year. They terrorized Tony in the ded of nite,
at exakly 240am. That was after he ventured into the Titanic disaster.

Speed How you get 240?
Jingle Titanic hit the berg at 20 till,
and sunk at 20 after, it forms a perfect isosceles triangle
but thats another story.
Boss Heee heee heee

Speed And the ordeal lasted 2hrs 40 minutes.
Also the Titanic hit the Berg at 2340.
The analysts suggest 40 is symbolic of purification
by 40 measures of water (the Atlantic).
Boss Jou loss me dude.
Speed Whoever sunk the Titanic, was religious.

Jingle 240 degrees is 2/3rds of a conplete circle.
Jumper wait a minute, 2/3rds is also 67%.
67% of the people on board were killed.

Speed How many shares did JD own?
Boss Share of wha?
Jumper 1667 shares of Standard Oil, when it opened for bizness.
Jingle And get this. The horror lasted 2.67 hours,
and the Carpathia was 67 miles away, when it got the call.
Boss Heee heee heee, dats allotta 67's

Jumper Plus the White Star line
entered the shipping biz in 1867.
The inverse of 67 is 33.
Boss duh who?
Jumper The WSL owned Titanic.
Speed JD use to own the WSL
Boss awight dat enuff a dis.
lets get to duh poin.

Jingle Then theres the symbolic date of 12.20,
the day Tony shelled out $240.
We alreddy mentioned the 20 till, and 20 after.
Speed The 20th letter is "T",
and its symbolic of the cross,
theres several secret societies that use the cross as their emblem.
Boss Heee heee like who

Jingle 12.20 just so happens to be the 160th anniversary (+1)
when South Carolina seceded from the union.
Boss Heee heee so
Jingle The Titanic sunk in 160 minutes.
Speed The Fireman hat number 164, on 9.14.2001,
rite after 9.11, cood mean "160 for".
Boss awight dat enuff



I simply sho intent to pub some Diary
and Bam! the SS tries to hit me with a car.
My last attempt on 11.20, resulted in 2 kill attempts (by car crash).
This is where I menshon the Bilderbergs for the 1st time.
I woodn be surprised if they were morphers from he VOC
(terrorized all their competition, beheadings, stuff like that).

Back on 11.10, rite afta I started Phase IV of me reserch
(which included the Titanic),
the SS flashed me the "V" sign (the VOCs emblem).
A week later they tried to freeze me
(which is what happened with Titanic victims).


Breaking News

Titanic radio operators
gave bad coordinates (off by 15.5 miles).
Coincidenally JD's empire
was broken up by the korts
on 5.15.
The apparent reversal symbolism
suggests retaliation.


1217 The SS is obstructing all publications,
and tried to kill crash me 3 times in 22 hours,
after I started my latest story (last saturday).

I simply mentioned the VOC,
the Dutch East India Company
whose emblem is V (V=22, JFK shot 11.22)
JD seemed fond of the Dutch.

CLICK for details,
the Tyranny is blocking the details


Novenmber 5th, 2021
The barracks

Fird and the SS was so arrogant,
they froze the 3rd CD player with a message.
Boss heee heee heee
Fird a reverse 9, and the number 225
Jeckle I is the 9th letter
Boss wha eese dis charades?
Jeckle So the "I" conspirators, must be reversing history
Boss ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Fird and the 225?
Jeckle 9.11 was the 225th anniversry of the first 9.11,
back in 1776, the 'Staten Island Peace Conference',
where General Howe assumed the Colonists were there
to throw in the musket.
Jinkle plus Titanic was going 22.5 Knots
when it hit the IceBerg.
And the ship was doomed by Andrews at exactly 1225.


October 21st, 2021
The barracks

Boss Gimme 50 pushups!
Josh struggles after 10 uhhhhhhhhhhh
Boss Little sucka, at ease mista!
Bony 'So whats goin on wid Tony'

Jack 'after he started lookin at JD,
the shop had a fit.
Tried to evict im off the streets he sleeps on'
Bony 'after 14 years? '
Boss 'heee heee, JD who'
Jack 'the rock' Rockefeller'

Spade suddenly shows up
'he was lookin at JD, the Titanic, the panic of 1893, the
Jack 'But it wasnt until the Titanic,
that the shop had a cow.

In fact, the terror started on 8.3.2021,
remema that nite.
The SS startled Tony ouda his sleep at exackly 240am
Boss 'heee heee so
Jack 'thats when the horror ended. at 240am,
when all was silent, frozen bodies everywhere
Boss 'little sucka how jou no'
Jack '3 hours of horror.

Bony 'thats how long JFK lasted, after he arrived at Dallas fort worth.
Spade 'The number 3 is symbolic, it goze way back.
Boss 'heee heee heee'

Boss 'heee heee heee, littl sucka don learn,
he shooda stik to Science. Insted he go afta JD, accusin im of stuff
Jack 'he's just a person of interest

Then the next month, the SS branded Tony like a cow
The boss bursts out in lafter 'Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!,
he hee heee heee hee he he,
Bony 'whatso funny?
Jack continues 'a giant bald spot, where JFKs hed blew up.
You can pick Tony ouda a crowd with that.

They did it rite before 9.11.
Then after 9.11, they tried to hit Tony with an SUV
Then the SS started beating on Tonys brain, to force memory loss

But it wasnt until Tony finished the Table of Contents,
that the SS really went to town.
Boss 'heee heee heee, like what?

Jack 'dumped ice water all over his van bedroom, all over his stufff,
obviously symbolic of the Titanic.
Shoved chemz down his throte, so he was virtually frothing at the mouth.
A deth tret "jou got alf a year",
Tung torture (they got im rigged by remote, to bite his tung),
thretened to wipe his memory clean.
Then rite after his booster shot on 9.28, they tried to food poison him.
A week later there sendin gangers at im, accosting Tony with nobody around,
taunting the guy, with nobody around.
Boss 'heee heee so

Jack 'and now they're showing guillotine intent.
Boss 'heee heee what
Jack 'The guillotine, the secret operation to drive people nuts.
they're issuing the tactics, like nerve gas hits, tings like that.
It also involves psy war.


October 20th, 2021
The Belgiun Congo


Jigsaw 'DT suspects the number 3, goes back to the Civil war'
At exactly 3 pm (1500 military time), General Lee (on his way out),
turns (at the top of the stairs), looks at Grant,
and claps his hands 3 times, then leaves'.
5 nites later Lincoln is shot during the 3rd act.

Dirk '1500 died on the Titanic'
'about the number 34, Standard Oil was split into 34 pieces,
in 1911.'