The punishment for Reserch on C19

Covid 19 hit the stage about the time I finished the TDS report on 10.11.2019
(TDS suggests a British connection to 9.11).
2.1.20 I show intent to distribute TDS,
and the SS sends the crazy Library HIT at me "you!"
(a likely SS operative).
2.15.20 2 weeks later, the SS takes my site down,
then tries to drive me nuts.
3.12 I'm poised to distribute TDS to city officials,
and City Hall closes to the public, due to Covid 19.
3.14 I start collecting Covid 19 data,
and the SS threttins me, you "about to go down".
3 days later the SS stages a HIT, and the cops show up.
3.18 I publish Covid 19 data.
2 days later the SS threttins to shoot me.
3.23 I continue collecting Covid 19 data,
so the SS takes my brain out, then runs a red lite.
3.25 the SS tortures me as I collect more data.
(shoves a bug into my eye socket).
3.28 I continue collecting data,
and the SS tortures me by yanking my leg (part crippling me).
3.29 The next day, the SS yanks both legs apart (3x).
3.31 I publish more Covid 19 data,
and this time the SS seems to be trying to create the excuse,
to attack with biological warfare
(pls read Is The CIA Out of Control).
(they take out my surgical gloves
(forcing me to use dubble zipper sandwich bags).
They shove a laxative down my throat,
forcing me to use the toilet twice a day,
insted of once every 2 days.
Today they sabotaged my washer,
forcing a 3 hour wash, insted of 90 minutes.