Who Really did 9.11.

Updated 5.14.2020.


9.11 (the Terrorist strike in Manhattan that killed almost 3000)
hit on the 225the anniversary
of the failed SIPC (Staten Island Peace Conference) of 1776.
(General Howe on the British side, was hoping
the colonists were ready to throw in the musket).
The AR (American Revolutionary war) began in 1775,
and the inverse of 1775 is 225.
Also 22 (JFK was shot on the 22nd, KG III was crowned at 22)
appears to be Mason symbolism.
52 is the reverse of 25,
and theory has it that 52 is symbolic of Omega (the last),
and Omega appears to be Mason symbolism.
(the 1974 Hi wire act over the WTC, seemed to symbolize Omega).
Dealey Plaza (where JFK was shot) seems to be shaped like a 52.
the queen was crowned in 1952 at 26 (the last letter)

KG III was crowned at 22,
and JFK was shot on the 22nd,
after being elected in 1960,
while KG III was crowned in 1760.
JFK was shot in 1963,
and 1760 plus III translates to 63.

WTC appears to be an emphatic II, for QEII
QE (Q=17 E=5), UA175 was the 2nd hit
QE was born on the 2nd sign of the Zodiac.
QE was 75 during 9.11
The AR (American Revolution) war began in 1775,
and lasted 8 YEARS,
and all major WTC dates happen in August (the 8th month)
plus the queens birth (the second sign of the zodiac)
is at 8 on the clock.
The JFK hit was for KGIII (King George III)
KG III ran the American Revolution on the Britsh side.
(the number 3, is all over the Hit data)
Theory haz it, JFK was condemned at birth,
as a sacrificial lamb,
in payment for the rebellion,

"dubya" the 9.11 president
translates to II (the WTC)
(Double U is two U's (which is 21 21, then 9 9, then I I)
GWB (GW seems to be for George Washington)
(GB for Great Britain) (G for King George)

The AMA (HIT attempt) was predicted 125 days beforehand
(at the SOUA).
The reverse is 521 for 5.21 (the 3rd Sign)
So it was retaliation for my research.

See 9.11 Probe B (pictograph)